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Gift #1

Returning the Shoulder Back to Optimal Function Seminar 

Value $118

This is an 85 minute presentation on return the shoulder back to the way it was after injury. When the shoulder is working optimally, it is a beautiful symphony of movement. When the shoulder is not functioning optimally, it is garage band of cracks, pops, pinches and ouches. The challenge for the fitness & rehabilitation professional is to figure out what is going on and the best exercises to return the shoulder back to optimal function. This presentation will get you on track to get your clients shoulders back to normal.


Gift #2

Exercise Modification for the Sensitive Shoulder Seminar 

Value $97

This is a 56 minute presentation on exercise modifications that you can make in your client’s program to help them recover from a shoulder injury. The presentation will help you modify exercises so you clients stop irritating their shoulders and start improving the function of their shoulders.


Gift #3

5 Myths About Core Training – Special Report – 

Value $28

The buzz word that has worked it way from the medical community to the public is core training. Most health, fitness, rehabilitation and sports professionals advise people to do some type of core training in order to recover from an injury, for overall health and for sports performance. Even though core training is important there 5 myths about core training you need to know.


Gift #4

The Best of Fitness & Rehab Newsletter 

Value $28

The Fitness & Rehab Newsletter began in 2004 as a monthly e-newsletter for health and fitness professionals looking for the latest information on improving health, fitness, rehabilitation and sport. The newsletter continues today and is published weekly and is focused on helping fitness professionals that design exercise programs to help in the recover of injury, prevention of injury, management of chronic disease and muscular imbalance. In this gift you get the best and most popular articles since 2004.


Gift #5

The Blackberry Workout 

Value $28

For busy professionals, it can be difficult to find the time to work out. While we may not be able to go to a gym or for a run, we can still strive for fitness in our offices or at work. Taking inspiration from the things we have around us, we can create micro-workouts to keep our bodies healthy. In the Blackberry Workout, your clients will get a fun routine to keep them in shape with their blackberry.


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