Are Saunas and Steam Rooms Healthy?

As the air gets colder outside, you’re probably thinking about getting warm. But, just how warm do you want to be? If you’re considering a trip to the sauna or steam room, we’re talking extremely […]

Bloating 101 – Why, What, How

Nobody likes feeling bloated, but it’s all too common of an occurrence. Your clothes don’t fit right, and it’s uncomfortable. In some cases, you might even feel stomach pain. Up to 30 percent of people […]

9 Side Effects of Antibiotics

There’s no disputing that antibiotics are lifesaving medications that have both increased the life expectancy of the world’s population and given many a better quality of life. On the whole, antibiotics have done much more […]

How to Overcome the Winter Blues

When the sun starts going down earlier in the day, you know winter is on its way. Not only does that bring on colder temperatures in most locations, but it also means we’ll have fewer […]

Women’s Health — Menopause and Joint Pain

“When I wake up in the morning,” says Leah, who’s going through perimenopause, “I’m stiff as a board. Anyone else suffering from joint pain?” “I’ve gone through menopause, and I have pain in my legs […]

Digestive Enzymes 101

You’ve just finished a delicious meal, and there goes your stomach again: gas, bloating, discomfort and, later on, diarrhea or constipation. You wonder if you ate something wrong. Then, a few days later, it happens […]

Side Effects of MSG and Foods to Avoid

Monosodium glutamate, also known as MSG, is one of the most common additives in processed foods. MSG is also often added as a flavor enhancer in all sorts of restaurants. While some people view MSG […]

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