9 Ways to Make Exercise a Higher Priority

Every year, your doctor admonishes you to make exercise a higher priority. You know you haven’t had a full, physical workout since sometime in the past four years. A muffin-top has overshadowed your belt. You […]

All-out 2-minute Workout

Today’s exercises are ones that anyone can do because these can be done anywhere, require no equipment and the entire routine can be completed in as quickly as two minutes. This all-out workout provides high-intensity […]

3 Easy Pushup Exercises for Beginners

Many women, and even some men, struggle with doing pushups. This can be for many reasons, including a past injury, overall weakness, body mechanics or just never doing them in recent years. Here are some […]

5 Deskercises You Can Do at Work

When you want to exercise, most of the time you need to have a special place to do it and, sometimes, even need special need special equipment. However, don’t let that stop you if you […]

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