4 Best Moves for Stronger Glutes

Today’s set of exercises focus on the gluteus maximus, more commonly known as the glutes.  One of the things that most women ― and even some men ― strive for is firm, shapely looking rear end. […]

6 Best Exercises for Core Strength

Today, we’re going to work on the two things that everyone wishes they had, which are a flat belly and a strong core. No matter how many sit-ups you do, they will never give the […]

5 Balance Moves for Stronger Seniors

CLICK HERE to watch the YouTube video. #1 – Standing Side Bend Begin in an upright standing position, maintaining proper alignment with your head, shoulders, hips and legs. Extend both arms overhead, interlacing your fingers […]

7 Benefits of Bodyweight Exercises  

Denise didn’t want to go to the gym. Her life was just too crazy. She enjoyed working out at home and used a treadmill regularly to get in an evening walk. She was entering middle […]

The Manhattan Beach Workout

In today’s blog article, you’ll find the ‘hat trick’ of kettlebell workouts. I hope you have enjoyed the kettlebell workouts over the last few days. They have definitely given me ideas on fun ways to […]