What is Causing Your Hip Pain?

You may not realize it, but your hips serve as your body’s foundation as you move through the world. They not only provide stability for your pelvis and core, but they also influence your posture, […]

IMS vs. Acupuncture — What Is the Difference?

If you suffer from chronic musculoskeletal pain like low back pain or neck pain, then you might have considered intramuscular stimulation treatment (also known as IMS or “dry needling”) or acupuncture. IMS involves the use […]

How to Heal Broken Bones More Quickly

About 1 million bone fractures (or broken bones) occur every year in the United States — so often that they’re considered “common” injuries. For anyone who’s ever suffered a broken bone, though, it doesn’t feel […]

All About Iliotibial Band Syndrome

Gary was looking forward to his morning run. It was a cool yet calm morning, perfect for his 2-mile jaunt around the park near his house. He set out and within about a minute had […]

Jumper’s Knee 101

Arlene is an avid tennis player. She’s typically on the court three to four times a week. She loves the game and often plays competitively. Lately, though, she’s started to experience pain around her right […]

How to Treat a Sprained Ankle

You’re hiking along and suddenly you step on a rock you didn’t see. Your ankle rolls and you feel that sharp pain. You stop, kneeling down. Ouch! Did you just sprain your ankle? Ankle sprains […]

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