8 Weird Diet Trends That Didn’t Last

Weird diet trends have caught the attention of the masses since the invention of the full-length mirror. Because it’s normal for most people to struggle with unwanted weight gain at times, the promise of “a […]

Why Is Weight Loss So Difficult?

Is it psychological, biological or emotional? Why is it so hard to shed that extra weight? People have been asking that question forever it seems. And let’s admit it — even though you want to […]

How to Avoid Cravings and Eat Healthier This Winter

You’re a health-conscious person, but have you noticed any new cravings lately? Brownies, perhaps? Mac & cheese? If you have, don’t blame yourself. Most likely, you’re responding to the season, and the colder temperatures. There’s […]

Meal Planning for a Macronutrient Diet

One of the universal difficulties in dieting is maintaining a nutritional balance while you eliminate unhealthy foods. Low fat diets tend to leave you with a hungry feeling all day. Low carbohydrate diets can lead […]

The Science Behind a Macronutrient Balanced Diet

Carbs, proteins and fats are considered macronutrients. Since it’s a simple way to keep track of nutrition requirements, many diets are based on these divisions. You’ve probably heard of the Atkins diet which minimizes carbohydrates […]