3 Exercises to Reverse Bad Posture

Question: When I stay loose and stand upright, I have bad posture. Slouching, sway back without my pelvis being rotated, and my shins are not vertical. How can I fix ugly posture, strength in the […]

3 Ways to Bust Any Plateau

Plateaus are a frustrating place to get stuck when you have specific goals that you’re working toward, whether it be the last few pounds or waking up with endless energy. When we have a goal […]

4 Fitness Hacks You Need in Your Life

Finding time to exercise during the day can be difficult but doing so can be beneficial to your health and well-being in the long. Even doing something as simple as household chores can allow you […]

2 Unilateral Exercises You Should Be Doing

In a day where there are so many people having knee replacements, shoulder and elbows issues, it’s important that we have not just one dominant side of strength. Incorporating single-sided movements can improve your strength, […]

5-Minute Office Yoga at Your Desk

CLICK HERE to watch the YouTube video. #1 – Seated Half-moon Stretch Begin in an upright sitting position with your feet flat on the floor and maintaining proper alignment with your head, shoulders, and hips. […]

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