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Rick-Stage3-300x200With your purchase of your injury workout, you have all the information you need to be successful. In order to accelerate your recovery, Rick would be glad to hear about your special situation. Perhaps, you have some concerns or you just want to double check that you conducted self-assessment correctly. Basically, corresponding with Rick by email and video if you prefer will help you get started much faster and save you time. Please note that Rick has local clients where he charges $500.00 per hour so his time is truly limited.

Sure you could go see someone local but that would involve taking time off from work and visiting with someone who may not have experience working with serious athletes and likely won’t be familiar with the most cutting edge methods. Rick is the guy who teaches the other health and fitness professionals so we recommend you to get the information directly from Rick himself.

This consultation with Rick involves two customized PDF responses to your questionnaire that details your story and personal situation. Plus, if you wish, you can even send Rick a video of your assessment. If this is something that you think would be helpful, book your consultation with Rick below.

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