Core Stability for the Rehab Client DVD Course


Core stability and the muscles that assist in core stability have become a priority in rehabilitation and fitness. They play an important role in all that we do, from performing the simplest of activities to maintaining good posture. Core stability muscles assist in stabilizing the lower back and pelvis; when ignored they weaken, and the risk of lower back and pelvis related injuries increase. This course will cover anatomy of the core and introduce functional core exercises which focus on strengthening core muscles and stabilizing the lower back and pelvis.

What you will learn:

– Specific exercises used to isolate muscles involved in core stability
– Exercise progressions used for beginner and advanced clients
– Core stability training principles
– Methods used to assess levels of core stability
– Core stability exercises for clinical and fitness settings

Who is the Course For:

This course focus on training the client who has difficulty with or can not advance core stability exercises and they need to start at foundation movements and beginner exercises of core stability.

How to Order:

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Video Talking a Little More About the DVD Course:

Rick Kaselj, MS