Core Stability of the Back

Component #1 – Core Stability of the Back – Home Program ($74.95 Value)

Core stability muscles play an important role in every activity we do every day. They enable us to perform the simplest of activities and help us maintain good posture. When ignored, core stability muscles become weak and the risk of lower back pain and injury increases. In the Core Stability of the Back book you will learn about the key muscles of the core, how to locate these muscles in the body, how to activate them and an effective program to create a strong, stable back and pain-free back. This a complete Core Stability of the Back program that you can use to get your back onto the road of being pain-free. I the home program you will get the Core Stability of the Back book plus a home DVD, audio workout and audio book.

Component #2 – How to Save Money on Fitness Equipment ($14.95 value)

How to Save Money on Fitness Equipment is your guide to getting great fitness equipment, cheap. Plus it teaches you 22 ways to save on your next fitness equipment purchase and provides you with a comprehensive list of companies that sell fitness equipment. Plus if you are a Canadian, How to Save Money on Fitness Equipment explain why Canadian are paying more and how to get around paying more for fitness equipment.

Component #3 – 7 Core Stability Exercises for a Strong Back ($14.95 value)

What is the next step after, Core Stability of the Back book. This is it! After your clients has mastered Core Stability of the Back, the move to this program. This is a an effective program that will help continue improving your core strength which will lead to a stronger and pain-free back. As we all know, you can’t do the same exercise program forever and this is the next step up from Core Stability of the Back.

Component #4 – 10 Exercises to Keep You Balanced & Injury-free ($14.95 value)

As I was putting together Muscle Imbalances Revealed, fitness professionals were asking me if I had a quick program that hits all of the common muscle imbalances that most people have. Here you go. I put together a book for you that has the 10 exercises that I use and give to my clients to hit the most common muscle imbalances. You can to this exercises anywhere with no equipment. They can be done every day and take about 10 minutes to get done. How about that, start having your body feel balanced and get rid of those common injuries, nice.

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Rick Kaselj, MS