Dawn Sylvester

Dawn Sylvester has been in the fitness/anti-aging and nutrition industry for 20+ years. As someone that battled weight gain and continuously followed trendy diets in her 30’s, she understands why women are frustrated with how they look and how they feel.

Dawn’s primary focus is on helping women ditch their negative relationship with food and exercise, and helping them to better understand their individual needs. At 60 years old, she particularly enjoys coaching people on how to feel, move, and look great, without the fear of aging.

Dawn co-owns Michigan Kettlebells Strength & Training Center with her husband. She coaches women over 40 to prepare for aging with functional strength training, eating for energy and moving mindfully with vitality.

As a hypothyroid sufferer, Dawn has found ways to battle the common weight gain and fatigue that most women feel due to hormone issues, including menopause and thyroid conditions.

She prefers to be referred to as a, “very knowledgeable wellness enthusiast that has many tools to prepare you for aging happily in a strong and fit body you love at every age.”