Who Wants to Get Better & Faster Results for Their Client’s By Addressing What Most Fitness Professionals Avoid or Don’t Know About.

Exercise Rehabilitation Series – ($1552 Value)

As part of the EFI Education System, you can attend all of the courses that I am presenting in 2011.

They include 14 courses, over four weekends, that cover over 62 hours of learning with a focus on exercise and injuries.

You can attend all of them live in Vancouver, Canada.

Bonus #1 – International Expert Education Courses – ($700 Value)

I try to bring international presenters to fitness professionals in the Vancouver area.  I get them to do an intensive weekend where they share all the knowledge, techniques, secrets, assessments, tools and exercises with you.

In 2011, I have two amazing presenters that are coming to Vancouver; Justin Price & Nick Tumminello.

Justin is presenting his course in March and Nick is the “Mystery Presenter” that will be presenting in fall 2011.

As part of the EFI Education System, you can attend both for FREE.

Bonus #2 – Access to All the Products I Create in2011 – ($500 Value)

I have a lot of products that I am working on when it comes to exercises and injuries.

A few small ones but also a few big ones.

You will get all of them.

I will send them to you first, so you get first crack at using the information.

Bonus #3 – Video Recordings of All My Presentations – ($1000 Value)

Fitness professionals from around the world have been asking me, when I am going to record all of my courses, well 2011 is the year.

With the EFI Education System, you will get a copy of the course.

If you can not attend the course, you still will get all the assessments and exercises via video.

CLICK HERE to order the EFI Education System for one payment of $1247

CLICK HERE to order the EFI Education System for ten payments of $137


What courses do I get to attend?

  1. Exercise Rehabilitation of the Shoulder
  2. Exercise Rehabilitation of the Lower Back
  3. Exercise Rehabilitation of the Neck
  4. Exercise Rehabilitation of the Elbow & Wrist
  5. Exercise Rehabilitation of the Hip
  6. Exercise Rehabilitation of the Knee
  7. Exercise Rehabilitation of the Ankle & Foot
  8. Balance Training for the Rehab Client
  9. Core Stability for the Rehab Client
  10. Advance Core Stability
  11. Core Stability of Lower Back
  12. Core Stability of the Shoulder
  13. Postural Assessment & Exercise Prescription
  14. Injury-Free Running

To get more information on each of the course, click here.

What are the international expert education courses for 2011?

  1. Structural Assessment and Corrective Exercise Program Design with Justin Price – March 26 & 27, 2011
  2. Nick Tumminello Seminar- Fall 2011

These two courses will not be recorded but you can attend them live.

To get more information on each of the course, click here.

What if I can not attend all the courses?

I will be recording all the courses that I present and I will send you a copy of the course so you can get all the information.

I just recently attended one of your courses?

Just email me at support(at)ExercisesForInjuries.com and let me know what course you attended and I will take it off the EFI Education Package.

Who is the EFI Education Package for?

It is for any health and fitness professional that want to increase their understanding, confidence, assessment skills and exercises when it comes to working with clients with injuries.

It is most frequently attended by personal trainers, group fitness instructors, weight room instructors, kinesiologists, Pilates instructors and Yoga instructors.

I have also had strength coaches, massage therapists, bodyworkers, physical therapists, doctors and chiropractors attends as well.

CLICK HERE to order the EFI Education System for one payment of $1247

CLICK HERE to order the EFI Education System for ten payments of $137