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“I purchased the Fix My shoulder pain a while back and it helped my on my left shoulder but now I’m having issues on my right shoulder and I’m not quite sure I’m getting the self-assessment right.

The best way to characterize what I’m experiencing is what I experience when exercising. For example:
1. experience discomfort after several reps of pushups (may at 10) I will start to feel a pinch in deltoid area and if I keep going it gets painful. Stopping subsides the pain.
2. overhead presses and bench pressing cause this discomfort as well. Overhead pressing can really cause pain if I don’t do a nice long warmup and work the trigger points in my shoulder and peck area.
3. I have some referral in the back of my shoulder but its mostly front/top deltoid

This has gone on for about 4 months now and I’ve taken it easy on the workouts and lifting with not luck. My question is what should I focus on in terms of the stretching and exercises in Fix my shoulder to correct this issue? The self assessements seem to be not conclusive as in there isn’t one thing that causes me to say “wow that’s my problem”

Any thoughts, or suggestions are much appreciated.”

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Hi Dino, this is Tin from EFI,

Your symptoms sound like a rotator cuff injury, but since the shoulder is a complex joint with a lot of mobility, making sure you have the right structure targeted is key to a program that properly addresses it. On this note, it would be nice if you had it checked out first (MRI because it’s most likely a soft tissue injury). I would not want to give you exercises before we’re sure of what you have, it may hurt you in the long run if you target the wrong muscle. For now, it would be beneficial to lay off the bench presses for a while, and focus on light stability exercises for the shoulder. Hope this helps!

Justine Nierras
Physical Therapist for