Can Fix My Shoulder Pain Help with…

I have recently been to the doctors and physio due to shoulder pain and I have had an ultrasound scan done and I have a torn Supraspinatus Tendon. Will your program assist in its recovery and if so can you please provide me with a current link to where I can purchase Fix My Shoulder Pain.

Yes, it will help you with your torn supraspinatus tendon.

You can get the program here –

After you get the program, start watching the components.

Where to Start

I don’t even know where to start the program seems overwhelming?

Start with this video as it gives you a tour of the product and download area –

Next start to work your way through the videos, starting with Component #1.

As you go the video, it will be come clear how the program works, how to figure out what is going on with your shoulder and how to put your SR3 program together.

Should I do the Exercises in Order?

I don’t see anywhere where it mentions that it is critical or not to do the exercises in the sequence they are presented in the material.

I would suggest to do them in order, as they are numbered.

There is a reason why they are structured this way.

Part 1 works on shaping the shoulder from outside the joint. Part 2 focus on reshaping the joint from inside and outside. Part 3 works on building activation, endurance and strength to the shoulder.

Should I Progress Through the Exercises?

Also if it is critical or not to progress to the next exercise when it indicates to do so to achieve pain free results. An example is where it says to pick one exercise from 8,9,10. If I pick 8 it says to progress to 9 then 10.

Yes, progress through the exercises. I tried to put a wide variety of progression to help people.

Try the exercise, if you do not get any benefit, move to the next exercise. Also read the description sheet of the exercises because there is a section in there where I talk about how to progress the exercise.

Be very cautious with the fascial stretching. They are very advance and can irritate the shoulder if you are not ready for them.

Shoulder Pain and Sleeping Position

Do you have any suggestions on proper sleep positions to maintain the progress. Sleeping on my back, side, one pillow, two pillows or whatever.

This is a great question. I will put a blog post together about this.

The fast answer is, most people will find sleeping on their backs, easiest on their shoulder(s).

Do I Perform Part 1, 2, 3 All at the Same Time?

Should part 2 and 3 be performed in parallell? Or should I work on part 2 for some time (days/ weeks) and then apply or switch to part 3?

Yes, you should work on part 2 and 3 at the same time.

If you find it is to much, work on part 2 for two weeks and then add in part 3.

FMSP and My Regular Program

Can I use this program parallell to my regular work outs? Or should I take a break from the normal workouts while repairing my shoulders?

You can blend it into your workout. If you find it is to much, then work on FMSP for two week and then work into your regular workout.

Ideally are all of the FMSP exercises designed to replace shoulder/chest workouts until symptoms improve or to complement a light workout (comprising of exercises that do not cause pain). 

If they are used in conjunction what considerations should be made (e.g. reduction of rotator cuff exercises to avoid overuse).

Yes, they can be used with a light shoulder/chest workout. When it comes to specific things to be cautious of when it comes to your workout, look at component #2 of the FMSP program.

I Have Laxed Shoulders

I bought your FMSP recently and have been going through the videos. All the techniques that I’ve come across, you’ve said at the end ‘don’t do this if you have the lax shoulder or bad shoulder position’. If that’s what you have, what should you be doing?

Watch component #2 and if you do not know what is going on with your shoulder, it will help you figure it out, plus let you know what to avoid.

Then go through component #3. Based on what happens with the self-assessment, it will help you decided on what parts and steps to focus in on .

For my clients that have laxed shoulder, I focus on part 3 of the SR3 method.

I Had a Shoulder Dislocation a While Back

I dislocated my shoulder last year and the rotator cuff has only healed about 80% is it wise to be doing the hanging exercise early in the program?

Yes, FMSP will help you.

Go through component #3. Based on what happens with the self-assessment, it will help you decided on what parts and steps to focus in on.

Yes, you can do the vertical hanging exercise but start with a partial vertical hanging and see how you shoulder feels. Does it feel better after you do it.

For my clients that have a shoulder dislocation, I focus on part 3 of the SR3 method.

Fatiguing Out the Rotator Cuff

In the video you say not to tire the rotor cuff muscles as they have to perform the rest of the day. Would be alright doing 2-3 sets of each with tubing right before going to bed so they recover for morning?

Yes, this is fine.

What people often do is they will workout in the morning and work their rotator cuff hard. This fatigues the rotator cuff and then it can’t do its job through out the day, leading to greater risk of injury.

Does FMSP Help with Neck Pain?

Just wondering if fix my shoulder pain will cover the light pain on my neck when i turn and the pain on my elbows or do you have a different book for that. Will fix my shoulder pain book will cover all body parts? 

Working with Fix My Shoulder Pain will help reshape your shoulder.

There is a lot of overlap with the shoulder and neck so you may find that the exercises will help out your neck as well. If you find FMSP is not enough for your neck condition, then you can try this program – .

When it comes to the elbow, the approach to it is very different than the shoulder and neck. This program will help you with that –

Vertical Hanging Exercise

I have just started using your SR3 method to address a nagging pain in my left shoulder, and I have a question about the hanging exercises you suggest. Am I supposed to keep my shoulders engaged when hanging, like when starting a pull up, or am I supposed to completely disengage my shoulders and just hang from my hands?

You stay fully relaxed in your shoulders.

I would suggest start with partial hanging so you get an idea on how things feel.

Refer to the video presentation, where I talk about people who should not do the vertical hanging exercise.

Vertical Hanging Video #1

Yes, I would do the exercises that you get the most benefit from as prevenative exercises in the future. The exercises that I go through are excellent pre-hab exercises to help prevent re-injury.

If your should pain comes back, go back to doing the full program.

Should I Come to Vancouver to See Rick?

Can you tell me if it would be more beneficial for me to see you one-on-one or can I just buy your program and work on it on my own?

I would give FMSP a go as that is what I would give you if you came and saw me.

If you need more of an advance assessment, then we can set up a time. An initial assessment is $150 and I am booked up 2 to 4 weeks in advance.

When I click on the link for the exercise video, I get an error?

Try to copy and paste the url into your web browser. Then enter the password.

How many times per week do I do the exercises in Indestructible Shoulders?

The program is in phases. 2 -3 times per week should suffice. best in between sets or recovery period.

Few Corrections for FMSP:

– Exercise #40: Partial vertical Hanging (573) has the incorrect description and incorrect exercise video link. We will fix it and send you an updated version of the manual soon.