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Spam Blocking Software

Also, if you have any kind of spam blocking software or internet service provider (ISP) filters, it’s also urgent that you add & and all the email coming from & to your list of approved senders (also known as a “Whitelist” or “safelist.”)

Signing Up At Work

Because of the spam problem these days, less and less email actually reaches its intended destination due to over aggressive spam blocking measures. This is especially true if you are subscribing from a work email address (if you subscribed from a work email, you might want to consider re-subscribing from your home or personal account, because corporate email security is more likely to block our email messages.)

Check Your Junk or Trash Mailbox

When you check your email box make sure you received our “confirm your subscription” email message (and click on the “confirm link.”). If you didn’t receive it, then check your trash bin or spam folder because our email may have been mistaken for unwanted spam. If so, be sure to whitelist us because we have some awesome information on its way to you better work with clients with injuries! You won’t want to miss it!

Attention AOL, Yahoo & Hotmail Users

Occasionally the spam filtering program used by your mail program will incorrectly classify Healing Through Movement e-mails as spam. To keep this from happening, we recommend that you add “[email protected]” (without the quotes) to your address book.

Attention Microsoft Outlook users

Reading your e-mail with Outlook 2003? You might want to tweak your settings to make sure all the images in the email appear correctly. Just add “[email protected]” (without the quotes) to your Safe Senders list.

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