Thank You for Your Submission!

Thank you for your interest in writing for EFI. We will look over your submission soon and a member of our team will reach out to you if we believe your content could be a good fit. If you have any questions, you can send us an email at [email protected].

In the meantime, here are some important considerations regarding article contributions:

Basic Article Requirements

  • The minimum length for articles is 1,000 words. The ideal length for articles is 1,500-2,000 words.
  • All content should be unique and pass Copyscape Plagiarism Checker.
  • We (EFI) are granted exclusive rights to publish the article content you have created for our website. Do not submit content that you have, or plan to, publish on other websites.
  • Medical and fact-based articles should include relevant research from reputable academic sources with appropriate APA style citations.
  • Articles should be submitted as a word document.
  • Submitted articles should be ready to publish with minimal editing. Articles with excessive errors will be rejected.


Any citations of facts or studies should be put in a “References” section below the actual article. There should be no outbound links to external websites, with the exception of other posts or pages on our website.

Each reference in the reference section should include the name of the book, article, or other resource being cited; the name of its author (if applicable); and if it was read online, the URL (not hyperlinked).

All references should be listed in alphabetical order and be in simplified APA style format.

Images – Photos – Graphics

For every 500 words, we would like you to suggest a relevant royalty free image. We use (or you can utilize other royalty free, public domain, or creative commons website images). Please provide the Big Stock Photo URL to the images you suggest.

All images submitted should be 300 dpi and must be royalty free/copyright free. Do not submit photos requiring attribution.


If your article includes a recipe, details must be provided. That includes a complete ingredient list, detailed instructions for preparing the recipe, serving size, nutrition information if possible, and at least one high quality royalty free photo of the finished dish.

All recipes included in articles should be original. We do not want recipes that have been plagiarized from other websites.

All recipes must be anti-inflammatory, and should exclude or significantly limit the following ingredients:

  • Limit or exclude sugar (when possible substitute with natural, healthier alternatives to sugar)
  • No artificial sweeteners (substitutions like honey, stevia or other natural sugars are acceptable)
  • No refined carbohydrates like white flour (you can substitute with other types of gluten free flour)
  • No gluten grains (also limit corn if possible)
  • No processed soy
  • Limit nuts (or make them an optional ingredient)
  • Limit or exclude caffeine and alcohol
  • No processed meats
  • Limit or exclude dairy
  • Exclude processed oils: no margarine, shortening, canola oil, vegetable oil or lard (stick with healthy oils like olive oil)

Types of Article Contributions

Guest Contributors

Guest contributors are invited to suggest a topic of choice. If upon approval and receipt of your article submission, the article meets our stated criteria, we will add it to our publication schedule.

Once scheduled, we will provide you with the scheduled publish date and a link to the article, so you can share it on social media, your email list, etc. Sharing your article is not mandatory.

Guest contributors are welcome to provide a short bio which will be displayed at the end of their post. Bios should be professional and not overtly sales oriented in nature. You are able to provide one URL to a personal website or blog. The URL will not be hyperlinked in the post. Please keep your bio submission to 200 words or less. We reserve the right to make slight alterations to your bio to maintain compliance with our terms.

Paid Writers

If you would like to be considered for a paid writing position, please indicate so upon receipt of our email reply to your original submission. Include in your email whether you are only interested in being a paid writer or if you are also interested in being a guest contributor (not paid; see above). Also state your qualifications, relevant experience, desired payment per article, and an overview of what topics you are most qualified to write about. Note, we have very few openings for paid writers. All paid article topics are either assigned by us, or pre-approved by us prior to submission. We retain exclusive rights to all paid content.