2 Must Do Core Exercises

2 Must Do Core Exercises

To all of my American friends, I wish you all a Happy Fourth of July.

After you’ve had a chance to enjoy and celebrate Independence Day, give the two exercises below a go.

In this post, Andrew Raposo will take you through two different core training exercises to help you get the ab results you want faster. The first exercise requires no equipment, but for the second exercise, you will need fitness sliders, towels, and a slippery floor (like hardwood or laminate). These exercises can be done on their own as a short workout, or you can do them as a “finisher” at the end of your workout to completely fatigue the abs.

Training your core is essential for improved athletic performance and injury rehabilitation and prevention. The core muscles work together to create the strength and coordination needed for movement.

As such, increasing your core strength leads to improvements in functional fitness. Functional fitness involves everyday tasks, such as walking, picking things up, bending over, etc. A strong core also helps prevent or eliminate low back pain. Strong core muscles allow you to maintain good posture, reducing the strain on your spine.

Core training increases athletic performance because your powerful movements originate from your core. Strength in your core allows you to produce stronger and faster arm and leg movements. A strong core also reduces your risk for neck pain, muscle tears, ruptured discs in your spine, and ligament injuries. A strong core makes you look good if all those benefits aren’t enough.

You will see a slimmer, tighter waistline and, depending on your body, maybe even defined abs. Neglecting core training can lead to injury and pain, so incorporate exercises like the ones in this post into your exercise regimen.


Rick Kaselj, MS

What’s up, guys? Andrew Raposo here. This video goes out to Rick and his readers at ExercisesForInjuries.com.

Today, I will show you two core training exercises that, when combined, will speed up your core training results.

2 Must Do Core Exercises

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I am going right into the exercises.

1. Long Plank Armpit Touches

Walk your way out (the long plank position) with your hands stretched above your head. Start in a push-up position, bracing your abs nicely and tight. Brace your abs nice and tight, preventing your hips from moving side to side, and then touch your opposite armpit.

Long Plank Armpit Touches

Long Plank Armpit Touches

With this exercise, aim for ten reps on each side. You can make it more challenging by walking your hands further above your head, or you can make it easier by walking in closer.

2. Soft Planks with Gliders

You will need a pair of gliders, or you can also use a towel on a slippery surface. Start in a plank position on your forearms. Slide back and forth with the gliders. Brace your abs tight and maintain alignment from your head to your toes.

Soft Planks with Gliders

Soft Planks with Gliders

Aim for ten reps. You can slide further out if you want to make this exercise harder. To make it easier, you can shorten the range of motion.

Those two exercises, when combined, will speed up your core training results and give you hard rock abs. You can put them at the end of your training routine or do them on an off day. Enjoy these two exercises, and I will see you guys later.

Andrew Raposo

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