Judy Louden – Pocatello, ID, USAJudy Louden – Pocatello, ID, USA

I feel stronger and it is helping with some of the physical problems I have. It is also helping in my mobility and range of motion. The number one benefit of the program probably is that it is getting me to move again.

Plus, the Bodyweight Blender is a short program but it gets me sweating. So, I know it is a good workout!

Gabe Reyes – Ventura, CA, USA

It’ll be day 3 of using the Piriformis Syndrome Solution program and I must say I’ve noticed quite a difference. The muscles are still not activated but the pain is practically gone. I just wanted to say thank you and I will continue to do the program and hope for more results.

Vera Goodacre – Semi-Retired College Professor – Largo, FL, USAVera Goodacre – Semi-Retired College Professor – Largo, FL, USA

I have already been your follower for a couple of months. I ordered two programs from you and these exercises are helping a lot.

My whole body has been rotated to the right and no Physiotherapist seems to get it, none of them helped me to untwist. Now, I can do that one stretch with left elbow on the wall and I am unwinding. Thanks to The Pain Hacker DVD and the Unlock Your Hip Flexors programs!

I hope I am getting back to real life again.

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