Kelley Olinger

Having successfully tackled $77,000 in consumer debt in one year and ten months, Kelley Olinger was compelled to help others with their personal finances.  As a recent MBA graduate, Kelley built her business, Reconcile Your Wallet, to bridge a gap between the investment advice offered by financial advisors and the assistance provided by insolvency trustees. She felt little help was available for learning how to manage one’s personal finances better. Through writing and one-on-one coaching, Kelley’s clients learn to use credit wisely, earn extra money, and save money, in addition to learning how to budget.

Kelley writes for financial publications like Tiller Money and Effectify, and has been interviewed on podcasts like The Art of Abundance and She Rises.  Her writing has been featured on websites like Making Sense of Cents.  To stay current with personal finance trends and topics, she attends an annual conference, FinCon, where she was chosen as a breakout speaker in 2018.

Kelley resides in Victoria, BC, but can be found traveling regularly through the Caribbean, Europe, and Arizona. She loves hiking and cycling and is a self-proclaimed foodie.