Best Burpee Workout

Best Burpee Workout

A quick workout for you that you can do in an elevator.

Elevator-WorkoutIt is from Shawna K, enjoy.

Give this a go in the gym or the elevator, today.

~ Rick


Hey! Shawna K!  I have an awesome Challenge Burpee workout for you today, called Challenge Burpee 5×5.

There are 5 exercises, you are going to do 5 reps of each exercise and you’re going to repeat the circuit 3-5 times.

Now, if you’re doing it after your workout, you can do the circuit 2-3 times and if you’re using this workout as a stand-alone, you’re going to use it, you do the circuit 5 times. In this one, you’re going to feel the hamstring.

The first exercise is One Leg Burpee.


You’re going to start on your left leg.

For all Burpees you can be adding a push-up or not that’s totally up to you.  One Leg Burpee looks like so, so 5 reps on one side, 5 reps on the other.

Then you’re going to do a Hip Hinge Forearm Push-Up.


Again we’re going to feel those hamstrings, lock the hands out, hinge at the hip when you stand up. If you want it intensifies that one, again, makes that one-legged, hinge at the hip and you do five reps per side. So, you double the reps so it’s going to be a little bit tougher.

Then you’re going to do a Double Jump Burpee.


Hands down, add the push-up if you’d like and a double jump on that one.

Alright after that, you’re going to go right into a Prisoner Reverse Lunge.


We got some help here. Prisoner Reverse Lunge, five per side, the greatness about the prisoner position is that it works the upper back. And then you’re going to go into the Plank recovery. Get into that Plank Position.

Do an Alternate Leg Lift, don’t let those hips drop. You’re going to be working your glutes and hamstrings as well.


Those are the 5 exercises that are going to hit your entire body. A fun way to exercise in a small amount of space. When you don’t have much time, have fun with that.


Thanks, Shawna.

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Rick Kaselj, MS