Rotator Cuff of the Hip

December 15, 2010 Rick Kaselj

It was some time ago when I heard a reference to: Rotator Cuff of the Hip. I think it was way back in undergrad at Simon Fraser University.  I was reading an article on the […]

Top 10 Questions for Mike Robertson

December 11, 2010 Rick Kaselj

Nine months of planning and preparation has arrived, and the Mike Robertson’s Bulletproofing Your Client’s Knees and Lower Back seminar is here. It is so cool to be able to bring the best from around […]

Why the Psoas Isn’t the Devil

November 4, 2010 Rick Kaselj

Hey, it is Rick here.   I am always reading other fitness professionals blogs and learning.  One blog I have been reading of late is Mark Young’s.   I connected up with Mark to see […]