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How Long Will It Take To Feel and See Results?


How long til I see results long term. What is the maintenance schedule?


Jo K


Many people are experiencing a difference in just 3 days. I’d say 7 days. Long term, I’d say 2 weeks or about 10 – 14 days.

We just put up an FAQ

Also here’s a special exercise swap video in case you need replacement movements for the routine. It has been emailed out to you. So watch for that email. If you did not get it, contact us at [email protected]

All the best,

Ryan Saplan
Master Trainer, Exercise for Injuries

Why Do My Hamstrings Cramp Up When I Am Doing Some Of The Movements?

Hi Rick,

I have the same problem as question 5. My hamstrings like to cramp when either I contract it completely or when doing the bridge exercise and pick one leg up. Cramping usually happens about rep 8.

Also, which exercise will be stretching my psoas? I’m not feeling the stretch that deep.

Brad M


The major reason why your hamstring cramps is because your hamstrings are being overused or over contracted due to weak or inactive glutes. Glutes are inactive because hip flexors are tight (psoas is one of the hip flexors). Here is a short blog post about what you need to focus when doing these exercises:

Just about all the movements in the routine stretch the psoas. It will take a while to feel until you can release the larger hip flexor muscle , the rectus femoris (one of the muscles of the front leg). It’s probably already being stretched, but because your other hip flexor muslces are so tight the psoas is difficult to feel. Keep up with it and you will eventually feel that muscles stretch, but only if you follow the instructions in the link above.

All the best,

Ryan Saplan
Master Trainer, Exercise for Injuries

How Can I Download My Unlock Your Hip Flexors?

Follow the instructions here:

How Can I Download the Videos to my iPad?

When it comes to downloading the videos to your iPad, Apple’s operating system for mobile devices restricts downloading of content that it considers to come from “unauthorized” sources. On Apple’s mobile devices, all content must be downloaded through the App Store, which means that any files you’d typically be able to download on a desktop from the web (like files, songs, videos, etc.) are disallowed.

Given this limitation, there is no way of downloading the videos on these devices unless they’re being delivered via an authorized app via the App Store.

Now there are ways around Apple rules, please refer to these links:

If you can hook up a computer to your iPad then perform method #3 at the link –

You can download the app that is described here and then download the video to your iPad –

More Pain In My Non-Painful Hip For A Few Hours After Doing The Exercises


“I have done the unlock hip flexors routine several times and am already feeling a difference! I’m having more pain in my non painful hip for a few hours after doing the exercises. Is this because my body is readjusting as my psoas loosens?”

~Rae R



Thank you for your question. I need a little more information in order to help you.

When going through things the first few times, I would suggest going through things lightly.

Was there an exercise that lead to the hip pain?

Yes, the light soreness maybe due to your body loosening up.

Looking forward to your reply.

Ankle Dorsiflexion


“How’s it going Rick?

Thanks for not leaving your customers alone lol. My question is how do you mobilize tight ankles? My hips are gradually improving using this program and it is helping my squat. The only problem now is my ankle dorsiflexion how do you improve it?”

~ Andrew



Thank you for your question. I need a little more information in order to help you.

Check this out –

This may help as well –

All the best!

When Should I Do The Exercises? How Often to Achieve Maximum Benefits?


“Thank you! I have had chronic hip pain for years and it has recently become unsustainable.

It wakes me up at night, prevents me from sleeping in the morning and hurts when I exercise. I am 47 female and in decent shape. Need to lose 15 lbs.

Should I do your program just before working out? Hours apart? Different day? How often for max benefit?”

Thank you so much!
~Paul and Briana E


Dear Paul and Briana,

You should do these exercises everyday and if you want faster results, do them twice day. The follow along video is an excellent warm up drill, but more importantly, aids in correcting proper length to your hip flexors.

The best results come from actively engaging the glutes and core while doing the stretches to prevent any unnecessary lower back movement.

You want to do more than just “go through the motions.” Follow these instructions each time you perform the movements.

Hope this helps. All the best!

Stretch to Loosen Up the Abductors



This is Rick from Canada lol, from Winnipeg though. Those are all good questions which I sincerely hope you will answer. I looked at your program because frankly my hips are completely locked up. I have been utilizing your program and it has helped.

Do you have any age specific tips? Over 50 now and this has not been an easy change. Also is there a stretch to loosen up the abductors?

That’s it for now I think.”

~ Rick Denbow



Here are some stretches for the abductors that you should find helpful:

I have no specific tips other than to do the Unlock Your Hip Flexor Program Everyday, because each day builds upon the next, so keep it up!

Is It A Good Idea to Exaggerate The Stretches?


“Thank You Rick,

I want to first say “THANK YOU!”

I am VERY Impressed with how AMAZING I feel!

To be honest, I really didn’t expect much….WOW! 🙂

My question to you is: I am very flexible, will it be a good idea to exaggerate my stretches? Move as deep into them as I can? I’ve gotten great results in doing the stretches only 2 times at what Michelle is showing us on the videos. Do you suggest I push it?

Also, I really regret that I didn’t take you up on your offer of $64 for ALL Those other videos! Too bad! Can I find that offer again? I don’t mean to be pushy, forgive me….

Thank You, again for being wonderful!!!!”

~ Angela C



I’m so glad and happy to know you’re seeing and feeling results from the program!  Don’t exaggerate the stretch more than necessary to allow for a minimum effective change.  Each day it will improve.  If you’re noticing change, enjoy it and be consistent.

All the Best!

Which Workout Should Be Done First – Hip Flexors or Hamstring?


“Hi Rick, two questions from me:

1. I saw your email on 3 plate exercises to save your hips. Would you recommend someone with tight hip flexors and are currently doing your Unlock your hip flexors do these plates exercises that you showed with Orsy? If so, when should the plates be done, before or after the Unlock Your Hip Flexors routine?

2. In buying the Unlock Your Hip Flexors, customers are given Unlock Your Tight Hamstrings. If I were to do hip flexors and hamstrings one after the other in the same workout, which one should be done first – hip flexors first or hamstring first?

Thanks, Rick.

Btw, do you have any plans to do an “unlock” routine for extreme forward head posture?”

~ Jason L



1. Yes, I would recommend anyone to that’s doing the Unlock Your Hip Flexor Program do the 3 plate drills. It can be done before or after or both. If I had to choose one I would do them after unlock your hip flexors program.

2. You can do them in any order and there is no difference in effectiveness. The hip flexor drill might take a little more energy, so you might want to do those first before the hamstring, but outside of that you can choose whichever suits your preference.

Unlock Routine for Forward head.. hmmm. quite possibly in the future.

Will The Unlock Your Hip Flexors Program Work For Someone Who Has Undergone Hip Replacement?


I have had both hips replaced. Will this work for me?

~ James C



Please check with your surgeon or doctor on what you can or cannot do with your hip replacements. There are so many different types of hip replacements and recover from hip replacement varies for each person.

Go through the exercises and modify or eliminate exercises that go against the guidelines of what your doctor has given you.

Also I am going to send everyone an Unlock Your Hip Flexors Exercise Swap video which may help you with swap out exercises that you can not do.

All the Best,

Rick Kaselj

Will Unlock Your Hip Flexors Program Help Ease Low Back Pain?


“How can I get a shirt like the one Michelle wears in the videos?

Also, my left hip is a couple inches higher than my right and I think is one factor contributing to my lower back pain; will UYHF help with that?”

Thanks Rick,

~ Lindsay R



Yes it will!!! It will. Do them! Tight hip flexors is what beats up on your lower back. When you unlock your hip flexors to proper length, it will make it easier for you to keep your spine in neutral. It will literally change your life!

Do the routine everyday.

All the best!

What Is The Best Time To Perform The Exercise?


1. How many times per week I should perform this exercise?
2. Best times to perform the exercise:- morning? evening? before or after office hours? I’m working in the office where I sit a lot.
3. Got problem with my left thigh. I always feel numb if I am standing too long and when sleeping. Are these exercises can solve my condition?

~ Felix Adrian



1. Do it everyday.

2. Definitely after work, but if doing it in the morning keeps you consistent I would do them then. Consistency is more important than when you do them.

3. Provide me more information about your numb left thigh from standing so I can better assist you.

All the best!

What Causes My Tight Hips?


“Hello Rick,

I have recently had a partial tear in a quad muscle that I think happened in part because of tight hips/hamstrings. Even before I got hurt I had a hard time squatting just to pick things up usually bending at the waist instead, also have some narrowing of the spinal nerve openings (stenosis) in lumbar region.”

~ Phil V



The cause of tight hips is usually due to too much sitting. There are other reason, but sitting is the most common. As for your partial tear, you may need to consult with your doctor – but I will say that overuse is usually the cause of a torn quad. Eccentric force puts lots of stress on the muscle and tight hips and quads can lead to muscle imbalances. Running down hill, landing from a jump or simply just lowering your body on one leg abruptly can lead to a tear. However, everyone’s situation is unique and it takes a lot of weakening of the muscles for this to occur.

Another cause could just be just not warming up properly.

Lastly, for a tear to occur, it takes lot of abuse to the muscle.

I hope that helps clear things up.

What Is A Good Exercise To Relieve Stiffness?



I have the same question as #3. I have to sit at a desk all day writing procedures. What is a good exercise just to relieve the stiffness? I already grabbed a ream of paper to use to swing my leg.

I find myself absorbed in a project and not getting up for 4 or 5 hours. When I get up I am really stiff.”

~ Joseph G



The simplest thing I would suggest is to walk around. A brisk walk if possible. If you have no where to walk, pace in your office. I personally have a standing desk and have a fairly uncomfortable chair. So even if I’m sitting a lot, I’m forced to move due to discomfort.

The body adapts to the position it stays in the most, so if you’re sitting 4+ hours intensely working on a project, your body will figure out a way to make that position easy to stay in. When you try to get out of it, you’re stiff. The best thing to do is to move around every couple minutes. The best thing you can do is stand up 10 minutes out of every hour, it really makes a difference.

All the best!

Exercise Modifications for People with Multiple Sclerosis


I have MS and suffer from weak/tight hip flexors. Are there modifications to these stretches that can be made to accommodate people who have difficulty standing?

~ Rayni



I have swap video coming your way soon! For the exercises some people have trouble doing.

All the best!

Will Unlock Your Hip Flexors Program Help Create A Better Posture?


“Hi Rick,

Will unlocking my tight hips help to create a better posture when running, and alleviate the general back ache?”

~ Russell C



Yes it will create better posture for running. Keep it up and your back ache will be cut in half, but will probably disappear. Remember, tight hip flexors create an excessive forward tilt leading to tight muscles of the low back. In way, tight hip flexors make your lower back get over used.

Another suggestion I will make after doing the hip flexor routine, is that when you run, be sure to be more conscious of activating your core.

All the best!

Advice On Reaping The Full Benefits Of The Program


“Hello Rick,

I have been following your ‘Unlock Your Hip Flexors program for a few days now (doing the routine once a day – is that right?) and find it very good. However, my right buttock/glute seems to have a mind of it’s own and doesn’t want to release – this is a problem I’ve had for years, and is I suspect the source of right knee and achilles pain as far as I can tell. I feel this problem is preventing me from reaping the full benefits of your program for my psoas et al.

Any further advice?”

~John C



If you’re right glute is hyper active and almost cramping, I would suggest you try rolling out your glutes and see if that helps.

Check this resource out:

All the best!

Difference Between Tight Hip Flexors and Sciatica


“I have a tight left hip and get periodic chiro to release it but no amount of massage or chiropractic has ever fixed the problem. After reading both UYHF and back pain programs I am unsure if I am dealing with tight hip flexors or sciatica. Any suggestions on how to isolate the issue so I can focus on the right remediation?”



Hi David, this is Tin from EFI,

With sciatica, the pain pattern is generally from the back (gluteals) that radiates down to the back of the knee and sometimes lower. Tight hip flexors will present as limitation of motion in one area, but does not have pain that “shoots down” to the lower parts of the leg. The pain pattern if present will be localized to one area. Hope this information helps!

Justine Nierras
Physical Therapist for