5 Steps To Improve Your Muscle Building

Today, I have an article for you on muscle building.

It is from Andrew Beatty.

He highlights a few mistakes people make when it comes to muscle building and 5 steps to improve your muscle building.


Rick Kaselj, MS


Don’t be a sheep. Don’t be mundane. Don’t be the same.

  • Muscle building and burning fat, they both take crazy amounts of effort, right?
  • Would it not just be easier to stay the way you are right now?
  • Would it not just be easier to be like everyone else?

I’m going to answer that for you. It would be easier, but you wouldn’t be happy.

Happiness is the answer to all of life’s problems. Not muscle; not ripped abs. However, muscle and abs are a vehicle to happiness. They allow you to ooze confidence. They allow you to stand out from the crowd. You’re not satisfied with mediocrity, are you? You’re also not satisfied with packing on muscle with layers of fat covering them. You want FAT-FREE MUSCLE.

There isn’t a single person that likes having extra fat covering their coveted muscles. Why should you be any different? I was speaking with a client this past week and she told me her arms feel stronger. She had more muscle. I was delighted for her.

Building muscle is one of the greatest feelings in the world. However, it wasn’t all great because she still has a few layers of fat covering her abs (to be continued).

Woman on Barbell

Muscle helps you burn fat, right? Right. But and this is a BIG BUTT (excuse the pun), until you seriously look at your diet you can build all the muscle in the world but you’re still going to be lugging around a few layers of disgusting fat. Well, there’s no need to panic because I’ve got your answer.

I’m here to tell you how to build muscle and burn fat at the same time. That’s right, fat-free-muscle-building. How though? Well, that’s the easy part. You just eat your food at certain times throughout the day and your body will re-pay you. You will wonder why you hadn’t done this before. At specific times throughout the day your body is begging for specific types of food. Yep, your body is smarter than you give it credit for. Give it what it wants.

Time to explain myself?

It’s simple really. Let’s take the most common example; working out. After you workout, your body is 150% more receptive to food than at any other time of the day. Yes, you read that right. ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY PERCENT. It’s true, read the science. Or better yet, try it for yourself.

OK, it’s receptive, what does that mean? I can eat more? No, it means almost everything you eat will be shuttled directly from your mouth to your muscle cells. Yep, it also means you can eat sugar. In fact, the more sugar the better right now.

Here’s how it works;

Your muscles are begging for energy. Again, excuse the pun but they will ‘muscle’ every other organ out of the way to be first in line for the food your feed yourself. After you eat your body is going to take the food from your blood and distribute it throughout your body. Who’s first in line? Your needy muscles.

But protein builds muscle, not sugar?

Not so fast. Of course protein will help you to build muscle but remember that your muscles are 150% more receptive to food at this time? Well, they can be as receptive as they like but if you don’t give the protein and other nutrients a mode of transport from your blood to your muscle cells you will miss the boat on your lean, metabolic, rock solid muscle. Your mode of transport is insulin. Am I making sense?

Insulin is going to carry all the food throughout your body and help you build muscle. Insulin is going to show you how to build muscle fast. The only problem is, in order to get the quickest response possible from insulin you must eat sugary foods. Why?

Sugary food

Well, the more sugar in your blood the quicker insulin reacts and the quicker insulin reacts the quicker you can feed those needy muscles.

Got it? Good, because life is about to get so much better. Do you love life? I love life. Excuse my positivity but I’m reading a book at the moment called Psycho Cybernetics; my positivity is second to none.

Remember that girl I told you about at the beginning? Well, now that you’re like her and you’ve got more fat-burning muscle on your bones guess what’s about to happen? Insane fat loss. Why is that? Well, you’re going to follow the simple strategies throughout the rest of the day and not eat so much sugar.

When you do this you’re going to force your body to strip the fat just to feed your new dense muscle. Muscle takes more energy to maintain than fat. If you don’t allow your body to have freely available energy by eating sugary foods all day then your body will resort to chomping down on its own fat stores. Sounds like a bitter sweet symphony to me. By the way; Bitter Sweet Symphony is a great song written by The Verve if you didn’t know. I enjoy tangents; had you noticed?

Is Building Muscle & Burning Fat REALLY that easy?


Yes, it really is. Want to accelerate your results even further? No problem. You are going to cycle your foods each day.

Cycle my foods? – All that means is one day you will eat a high amount of carbs and moderate amounts of protein and fat, the next day you switch it around and do the opposite. And so on. It’s really simple. You can even start using intermittent fasting for FAT-FREE-MUSCLE gain. Yep you heard that right too.

This all sounds very unconventional, doesn’t it? That’s because it is. To get extraordinary muscle building results, often times you have to do things different to the crowd. Don’t be a sheep; this is how you build muscle fast.

Here’s what you are going to do;

5 Steps To Improve Your Muscle Building

  1. Have a post-workout shake every time you work out. Don’t make the mistake of just guzzling protein. You want the shake to be majority carbs and a moderate amount of protein. Remember, sugar is your friend at this time.
  2. Eat a good amount of carbs at your next meal.
  3. Keep carbs low for the remainder of the day before your workout and close to bed.
  4. Eat mainly fats and proteins.
  5. Fast once a week.

Fasting for Muscle Building?

Fasting will incinerate your fat AND accelerate muscle growth. How you ask? Easy. Fasting makes you more receptive to insulin. You remember insulin don’t you? Insulin is the hormone that brings food into your muscles cells and stops you from storing fat. Only if it’s on your side though. Fasting will make this hormone happy.

Happy hormones = Full Muscles = Low Body Fat.

I’m a big fan of the saying ‘Keep it simple, stupid’. This is one of those times that saying really applies. Fat-Free Muscle building is that simple. Click here to learn exactly how what you are going to do to change your body forever.

Do yourself a favour, not a disservice.

Stay Healthy,
Andrew Beatty.

About Andrew

Andrew was born and bred in Ireland. Having the stature of a leprechaun he forced himself to learn how to build muscle and burn fat. As a muscle building and fat burning expert he studies the most cutting edge nutrition and training practices to deliver the best muscle building, fat burning results to his clients and to YOU. 

Andrew Beatty

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