7 Day Diet Trick with Shaun Hadsall

7 Day Diet Trick with Shaun Hadsall

The 7-day diet trick is one of the oldest tricks in the book. It involves eating just a small quantity of different types of food on different days to achieve the desired result – weight loss. You may think that sounds like a lot of work, and you’d be right! That’s why most people don’t stick to such diets for long.

These diets are cleverly designed with your health in mind, which means that even though they may seem restrictive and difficult to maintain for long periods, they are good for you.

The 7-day diet trick can be effective when it comes to losing weight quickly and efficiently. However, most people fail to see that this diet is not sustainable or healthy in the long run.
The 7-day diet can be effective when it comes to losing weight quickly and efficiently.

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Rick Kaselj: Hey! this is Rick Kaselj from ExercisesForInjuries.com. And I always get the last name wrong, so I will get you to say it. I am down here in sunny and windy San Diego. I am at a fitness mastermind meeting, and one of the members is Shaun Hadsall.

Shaun Hadsall: Hadsall

Rick Kaselj: I don’t know, like it’s Hansel or I don’t know. How do you say it?

Shaun Hadsall: Hadsall with a D. I am Norwegian so I am a viking.

Rick Kaselj: Hadsall. Alright, I got it from now on. So we are down here, and at lunchtime, we chatted about diets.

She has some insights about the diet side of things, especially things that don’t work and why a 7-day diet trick might be the right thing for you. Shaun, I will get you to introduce yourself, and then we will chat about things.

Shaun Hadsall: Thanks for having me on video Rick. I told Rick how we talked about low-carb diets don’t work.

Numbers don’t lie.

About 95% of people on a low-carb diet end up gaining all their weight within a year of losing it. It becomes a quick fix.

However, there are times when low carb tactics can work, and in particular, what happens with most Americans and Canadians, and people worldwide.

What happens is we are very carb accessible. You can find a bagel, a muffin, a cookie, a granola bar, or even a piece of it. Even though it is healthy, it is still a carbohydrate.

But it is really hard to grab a high-quality protein or something like that. What ends up happening is people abuse carbs, and their body becomes what we call sugar adapters. Their body depends on sugars, and they burn sugar instead of fats.

What I have is I own the rights to global proprietary nutrition called “Macro Patterning.” It’s just a fancy word for carb-cycling. It teaches people how to eat lots of carbs without storing them as fats.

First, we shut off their sugar dependence by giving them a 7-day Depletion Diet.

What is this? This is a short-term strategic plan to shut off your body’s dependency on sugars and force your body to use fat as its primary energy source.

After the seven days, we can plan the carbs back into their plan strategically so they can still become lean, burn belly fat, and still have a life eating carbs, which I think everybody is after. So hopefully, that makes sense.

Rick Kaselj: That does. And then what would be some examples of things people would cut right away when it comes to the carb side of things?

Shaun Hadsall: Well, what ends up happening is when many people will end up going low carb, what they end up doing is they start, they eliminate all the bread and the pasta and eating some fruits and stuff like that, and they end up starting to go after low carb fake foods or foods that are not healthy for you. It’s all about the right choices, timing, and combinations when you go low carb.

We teach people how to avoid things like your bread, and if you are going to avoid any starchy carbs, we will keep fruits to a minimum for these seven days. Then we are going to increase high-quality protein.

We are going to increase lots of green vegetables, we are going to increase your friendly fat intake, and take those three macronutrients.

Combine them in a specific pattern for seven days. We typically have anywhere from 5 to 15 pounds of weight loss in that one week.

The key is, understanding that after the seven days are up, you have to add carbs back in because if you don’t, you will suppress your hormones.

Like your T3 to T4, your thyroid conversion will suppress, your blood level will suppress, and your insulin level will go down.

It’s going to be necessary to add carbs to your plan, which you will be desperate to do anyway after these seven days, so it works well.

Costco versus Farm Eggs – Which is Better?

Rick Kaselj: Okay, since I have you here, one more thing. We were out yesterday, and we got talking about eggs, about chicken eggs, and maybe you can talk about the difference that you see when it comes to chicken eggs that you get from the department store, like Walmart, or from the grocery store, like Costco, and from where you get them which is fresh from the farm.

Why you do that and the difference between them.

Shaun Hadsall: Yes. Certain people might be sensitive to eggs. I think they are one of the perfect foods on earth. However, if you buy store-bought eggs, what ends up happening is they feed them with a lot of hormones, and so they will be very high in inflammatory fats.

I recommend you find a local farm or a local farmer’s market, and then you buy your eggs directly from the farmer’s farm or the market. You will notice that the yolk is a deep-colored orange rather than a dull yellow.

This shows that it’s very high in healthy cholesterol, which is missing from the over-the-counter eggs. It also has high-quality proteins, more vitamins and minerals, more B vitamins, and everything else.

Rick Kaselj: Awesome! And people can get those at a farmer’s market or directly from the farmer.

Shaun Hadsall: We have a farmer that we found locally in our area that we get it from. We go to the farmer’s market. We live in Michigan and go down to the farmer’s market in Detroit. Every town has a local farmer’s market. I recommend that you go there and buy your produce there.

You can get great deals on the organic stuff. You know you are buying locally farmed food so that the nutrient bar will be much higher.

I have done this all as part of a system I put together with Macro Padding called the Four Cycle Solution.

We will release that to the public over the next few days.

Rick Kaselj: Awesome! And it’s really good to be hanging out here in California with someone from Michigan. Because people from Michigan understand hockey and ice hockey, they ask people to turn the TV on to ice hockey. It’s been great to have a unified front on having the TVs turned to ice hockey and NHL ice hockey playoffs. So, Shaun, that’s my tangent, so Shaun, where can people get more information about you?

Shaun Hadsall: You can go to FourCycleFatLoss.com or go ahead and click the link below this video, and you will go over to a page where you can learn all about using these natural philosophies in actual lifestyles daily.


Rick Kaselj: Awesome! So this is Rick Kaselj from sunny and windy San Diego. So, swing by the blog ExercisesForInjuries.com and type in your injury. There is a good chance t have a blog post or video. Suppose you watch this on YouTube, head above, and subscribe to this channel. You will get videos like this every few days.

7-Day Diet Trick Cut down on sugar and refined carbs

The first thing you should do when trying to follow a 7-day diet plan reduces your sugar and refined carbs intake. Sugar is often found in many of the processed foods that we eat every day. So cutting back on these will be a good place to start.

When it comes to refined carbs, these include anything made with white wheat flour, white rice, and white potatoes. In addition to being high in sugar, refined carbs like these are also very starchy and high in calories which you should avoid when trying to lose weight. This will not only help you to lose weight, but it will also improve your overall health as well.

So this is Rick Kaselj with Shaun from sunny and windy San Diego.

Take care and bye.

Rick Kaselj, MS