7 Moves to Speed Up Fat Loss

I am back.

I am emailing you from San Diego. I am at a mastermind meeting and one of the people at the mastermind meeting is Shawna Kaminski.

She has a great workout that you can do anywhere.


Rick Kaselj, MS


I have got a challenge fat loss workout for you that includes 7 exercises. Whether you are a beginner or  advanced, you can do this workout. You are going to time your sets:

  1. Beginner – 20 seconds of work with a 10 second transition.
  2. Advanced – 40 seconds of work with 10 second transition.
  3. Intermediate -30 seconds of work with 10 seconds transition.

Do up to 5 rounds of these 7 exercises.

CLICK HERE to see the YouTube Video

I am going to show you the exercises, how to modify and how to intensify.

You are going to go through one exercise right through to the next. Rest as little as possible with that 10 second rest or transition time. After each round if you need additional 30 or 40 seconds rest, that’s totally fine. What is most important is your form, so exercise form trumps quantity everyday all the time.

The first exercise, it’s going to be a Cross Body Mountain Climber.

1# – Cross Body Mountain Climber

Get into that plank position and drive the knee to the opposite elbow. There’s some torso rotation, keep those shoulders down and back, ears in line with the shoulders as you bring the knee across to your body.

Cross_Body_Mountain_ClimberCross Body Mountain Climber

Now to modify or if you can’t go the entire time just do a plank position, if your wrists are bothered, drop into the lower plank position.

From here we are going to do a reverse lunge in a prisoner position.

2# – Reverse Lunge Prisoner Position

Get those elbows back and squeeze those shoulder blades together. Keep the chin up, don’t let the shoulders cave in. Do an alternate reverse lunge.

Reverse_Lunge_Prisioner_PositionReverse Lunge Prisoner Position

Remember the key thing is keeping 90 degrees at the ankle, knee and hip. The idea is dropping that back leg back, and back knee down so you are almost changing level.

Third exercise is a burpee.

#3 – Burpee

Beginners – do a full body extension or a burpee walk out.


Full Body Extension


Burpee Walk Out

Intermediates –  try the squat thrusts and add a jump.

Squat_ThrustsSquat Thrusts

Advanced – add a push up and a double jump.


That’s going to spike your heart rate.

Now going right into an overhead one and a half squat/touchdown squat

#4 – Touchdown Squat

Get those thumbs to the back of the wall, lock your elbows, and get into an upright position and squat. It’s a self correcting squat, if you are bending at the waist you are going to see your hands in front of you. Keep those hands nice and high and down into a squat, come up half way, then all way. The whole squeeze through that upper back.

Touchdown_SquatTouchdown Squat

Get down into a high plank position and we’re going to be doing a get up.

#5 – Get Up

The “Get Up” really hits your triceps as well as your core. You’re going to go from a high plank to a low plank and back to a high plank. What’s important here is alternating the hands, and if you don’t want those hips to rock you might need to lighten up the stance.

Get_UpGet Up

Go into a Mountain Climber or a Sit-up.

#6 – Mountain Climber/Sit-up

The key to the sit up is you want to get those knees close to the elbows. Lift up your hand and drop the hip. Advanced people, you are going to take out  the touch in between. Intermediate people touch in between and beginner trainers, go into a Mountain Climber where those hips are low , plank like position drive the knee into the chest.

Mountain_Climber-Sit_UpMountain Climber/Sit-Up

Now an active recovery is a plank and do an alternate leg lift.

#7 – Plank with Alternate Leg Lifts

Plank_with_alt_leg_liftsPlank with Alternate Leg Lifts

Those are the 7 exercises. If you need to rest after each round, totally fine! The idea of challenge fat loss and muscle metabolism acceleration is incomplete recovery. When you have incomplete recovery, your body gets into lactic acid anaerobic training. Lactic acid is a percussive growth hormone, great for fat burning, building the muscle tone and transforming your body.

There is your body weight workout and you are just going to love it or love to hate.

If you are looking for a program to help you lose that unwanted fat then check out Challenge Fat Loss.

Shawna Kaminski

Stretching for Fat Loss