7 Question Quiz on SI Joint Recovery

7 Question Quiz on SI Joint Recovery

The sacroiliac joint connects the ilium and sacrum bones of the pelvis. It is a subtle joint that connects the spine and pelvis, allowing for smooth motion as you walk, run, jump, and more. The sacroiliac joint comprises many tiny ligaments and muscles that work together to keep your body stable as you move. If these structures get injured or become strained, they might cause problems in this area. Unfortunately, people suffering from chronic pain or traumatic injuries might experience pain and stiffness due to their sacroiliac joint. There are several methods to recover from these injuries. Finish this helpful seven-question quiz to discover more about sacroiliac joints and their common injuries! 

Take the quiz to see how well you know SI joint problems and solutions. 

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Here are the seven questions:


1. Where can SI joint pain refer to?

  1. a) Lumbar region
  2. b) Groin
  3. c) Abdomen
  4. d) All of the Above

2. What percentage of people with mechanical low back pain is due to SI joint pain?

  1. ) Less and 10 percent
  2. b) Between 11 to 20 percent
  3. c) Between 21 to 30 percent
  4. d) Between 31 to 40 percent

3. If SI joint pain is not a lower back injury, what kind of injury is it?

  1. a) Pelvis
  2. b) Hip
  3. c) Knee
  4. d) None of the Above

4. How much movement is there in the sacroiliac joint?

  1. a) Lots
  2. b) Some
  3. c) Little bit
  4. d) None

5. At what age does the SI joint begin to stiffen up?

  1. a) the 60s to 80s
  2. b) the 40s to 60s
  3. c) the 20s to 40s
  4. d) Puberty

6. If you have an SI joint injury, which exercises could be harmful?

  1. a) Leg press
  2. b) Single-leg squats
  3. c) Running
  4. d) All of the above

7. What has been shown to help overcome SI joint pain?

  1. a) Decrease your sitting
  2. b) Doing a hot tub before the activity
  3. c) Addressing muscle imbalances
  4. d) All of the Above

The sacroiliac joint is where the sacrum and ilium bones meet and act as a pivot or joint. This subtle joint connects the spine to the pelvis, allowing for fluid motion during walking, running, jumping, and other activities. This joint is a unique and delicate part of the body, and its health significantly affects the spine and pelvis. If you have chronic pain or a traumatic injury to your sacroiliac joint, first, you should visit a doctor or physical therapist to get an official diagnosis. Then, you can recover by exercising, using support, changing your workstation, and taking care of your injury.

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