7 Superfoods that Naturally Boost Your Immunity


We have officially passed over from Summer to Fall.

The Fall is a great time to think about keeping your immunity high, in order to fend off common viruses.

Your immunity is very important to your health and quality of life. Believe it or not, if your immunity is in bad shape, you could have major problems on the way. The body can be amazing at protecting you from various infections and illnesses. The immune system is made up of various structures that help to collectively fight against disease. To be able to carry out this task successfully, the immune system is able to detect various microscopic or clearly visible pathogens which could wreak havoc on the body. Such pathogens include bacteria, viruses, worms, and other parasites that attempt to introduce disease to the body.

In addition, once pathogens get into the body and cause infections or disease, the situation could become quickly exacerbated, as these pathogens are able to evolve rapidly, increase in quantity, adapt to certain changes in the environment, or possibly adapt to some medications that may be used to try to get rid of the pathogens. It is essential that you maintain a high state of immunity in the body. One way to keep your body’s immunity in great shape is to eat foods that are able to naturally boost your immunity. We have shared 7 of these superfoods below.

# 1 –  Yogurt

When you want a healthy snack, a cup of yogurt is a great choice. Yogurt has certain kinds of bacteria that are really good for you, referred to as probiotics. These good bacteria tackle any bad bacteria in your body and thereby neutralize potentially negative effects, including aches, pains, indigestion and feelings of sickness.


The more good bacteria you have in your body, the better equipped you are to handle bad bacteria that may inadvertently show up. However, you do not want to overdo your consumption of yogurt and need to beware that some yogurt may have high sugar content. Greek yogurt does present a healthier alternative to the sugar-filled versions as it contains more protein than other kinds of yogurt.  Be sure to look for healthier yogurt options.

# 2 – Tea

Tea is a great way to improve your body’s immunity. Green tea, in particular, is rich in catechins, antioxidants that are directly linked to high immunity levels. Research studies also reveal that green tea contains high anti-inflammatory properties [1]. There are also other studies that connect green tea’s catechins as a way to provide a preventive or therapeutic strategic approach to treating oxidative stress, which in turn reduces inflammation [2]. Consuming green tea could keep viruses away. Especially if you feel down in the dumps or under the weather, green tea could help lift your spirits and minimize how long you actually feel sick.

Hot Tea

When your immune system needs some help, green tea could bring you back to balance with a renewed feeling of health. Ginger tea can also be helpful because ginger tackles toxins that may accumulate in the sinuses or in the lungs.  There are also other types of herbal teas with antioxidant and calming properties that could assist in building up your immune system. Grab a cup of tea today!

# 3 –  Garlic

This food may have a strong smell, but it is also very rich in antioxidants. These antioxidants serve as pathogen fighters and are ready to attack at the slightest sign of any infection. It can be easy to include garlic when cooking meals, and by doing this, you can also help your body fight colds, infections and other ailments. Garlic can also fight immune dysfunction, cancer insurgence, oxidative stress and cardiovascular complexities [3].


The potency of garlic could help protect you from colds and flus. Crushed garlic could also be mixed with lemon for a potent mix that can be used to increase immunity. Despite its strong flavor and smell, research does show that garlic can be used to lower lipid levels, prevent blood coagulation, fight cancer, combat microbial effects, and treat hypertension [4].

# 4 –   Oranges

Oranges are able to load the body with adequate levels of vitamin C to fight colds and flus. The body needs vitamins and minerals to activate the immune system and eating oranges or drinking fresh orange juice could help build up your levels of vitamin C. If you feel the onset of a cold, you may want to load up on this superfood.


When consuming orange juice, fresh juice is always best and can be quite refreshing as well.  Make a habit of keeping oranges handy to help your immune system.

# 5 –  Sweet Potatoes

In keeping with the theme of foods rich in vitamin C, sweet potatoes definitely make the list. Rich in vitamin C, sweet potatoes are able to boost the body’s immunity and also provide other valuable nutrients. In addition to vitamin C, sweet potatoes have high vitamin A content, which also has significant ties to the body’s immunity.

Raw sweet potatoes

Mucus membranes in the throat and nose use vitamin A to protect these structures and keep the body safe from pathogens that try to take over the body.  Consuming sweet potatoes increases the amount of carotene in the body and can also be connected to improved eye health [5].

# 6 –  Honey

The best superfoods are usually acquired in their natural state and honey is one of these foods. It can soothe the mouth and throat, boost your energy, and build up the immune system [6].  Honey could also be used in teas or warm drinks when trying to get rid of a cold.


The texture of honey is soothing and helps to gently massage any irritation being felt in the mouth or linings of the throat. You should really consider picking up this superfood the next time you are at the grocery store.  Natural honey could also be purchased at farmer’s markets or similar events. Try to avoid honey that has been processed or adjusted with artificial content and added sugars.

# 7 –   Soup

We simply cannot complete this list of superfoods without including good old-fashioned soup. Warm hearty soup on a cold day can feel like heaven for the soul. You may also recall the wise stories of how helpful chicken soup is when you may not be feeling your best health-wise. Indeed, there is some truth to these stories.  When your immune system has taken a beating from infection, stress, travel or general pollution in your environment, consider helping yourself to a bowl of hearty soup that contains natural, high quality ingredients.

chicken vegetable soup

The beauty of soup is that many really great immune system building foods could be included as ingredients. These can include ginger, garlic and sweet potatoes. Mushrooms are also easy to add to soups and can support health as well [7].

Apart from having a healthy immune system to keep you safe from sickness and disease on ordinary days, there are also times when a strong immune system saves the day when your body could have been susceptible to illness. This may include periods of disease outbreaks, like flu season, or perhaps when a specific type of illness seems to be making its rounds.

Having an immune system that stands up to pathogens can keep you feeling healthy when others around you are succumbing to attacks from these viruses and other pathogens. It is also becoming increasingly more desirable and popular to use natural products like garlic to combat various threats to the body [3]. Eating the right foods could get you well on your way towards living a life that is free from disease. It can also provide you with renewed energy to take on each new day.

In addition to the superfoods listed above, there are other foods that are loaded with immunity-building components, including Japanese mushrooms which contain antioxidants. Oregano oil is also helpful for gut health. Vegetables from the cruciferous family, such as cabbage, kale, broccoli and lettuce help the liver flush out toxins within the body. Like oranges, black currants are also rich in vitamin C and can help to keep colds away. With a large number of superfoods at your disposal, your body’s immunity can stay in great shape.

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Rick Kaselj, MS