Accelerated Muscular Development 2.0 Review

Accelerated Muscular Development 2 Review copy

When I got the Accelerated Muscular Development (AMD 2.0) program to review, I thought, “oh ya, another muscle-building workout program. Do these exercises this way, and you will be huge like the Incredible Hulk.”  I was wrong.

It did have the stuff in it if you want to become the Incredible Hulk, but the part I liked best was focusing on self-massage, mobilization, activation, and Rehabilitation. I would be a massive fan of this, especially if you got Muscle Imbalances Revealed.

Most muscle-building workout programs don’t have this.

What I Like about AMD 2.0

Organized – It is easy to get around to stuff and see everything. A lot of programs don’t have this.

AMD Essential Recovery Guide – This was great. I expected it to be 0 to 30 pages, but it was 116. I printed it out. It is good. Sorry, Smitty, I will steal some exercises for my workout, clients, and courses.

Here is one of the ones I liked:


AMD Deadlift 101 Manual – I am not a big deadlift, but I was impressed with this. It has a fantastic amount of info on how to do it right, all kinds of stuff other than the techniques, the way to do it right, the way to lift heavy stuff, and different ways of doing it. If someone asks me for a good deadlift resource, I suggest this.

Here is a page of it. I will probably try something like this for rehab clients, minus the enormous heavyweight:


AMD Power Core – They had some wild core options, especially one you can do in the free weight area. These will be cool for a client looking for some unique and challenging core exercises.

Here is one that I thought was cool. Not the fact that one of the guys is wearing a toque (aka – a winter hat), but it is something I have not seen before:


What I Didn’t Like

I hate to say these two things as they were tiny details. I know if I don’t say something, someone will email me and let me know.

YouTube Videos – I wouldn’t say I liked that many of the videos went to YouTube videos. I was hoping to get exclusive exercises I could not find anywhere else—kind of like with Eric Cressey’s Show and Go Program.

Photo Quality – Some of the photos could have been better quality as some were blurry or hard to see what the movement was.

Who is the Foramd-review-package

Interested in Rehabilitation – I have several ideas and exercises from the AMD Essential Recovery Guide. I will use this as a reference for myself, my client, and the courses I teach.

Want Deadlift Info – I was very impressed with the deadlift info. If you are interested in how to do it right, how to lift heavy weight doing it, and different ways of doing it, AMD 2.0 has it.

Need a Muscle Building Program – If you want a solid muscle-building program with components to help you stay injury-free and rehab, AMD 2.0 has it.

Hard Core Exercises – If you are looking for challenging core exercises in the gym, especially in the free weight here, AMD 2.0 has gone.

That is it, thanks for reading.

Rick Kaselj, MS

Invincible Core