What Do You Want From Me Emails

What Do You Want From Me Emails copy

In my previous blog post, I asked your readers to comment on what you would like me to do for the coming year, and here are some of the emails I got.

I wanted to share with you what some people sent to me via email.

Email #1 – Recorded Seminars

Hi Rick,

First of all, big thanks for all that stuff you post on your blog and send me via mail!!

I just signed in, so I don´t have too much overlook at the moment.
But the next step I´ll do is buying the Muscle Imbalances Revealed.
For me, as a Personal Trainer in Germany, DVD`s are not a good solution. It takes too much time for shipping, and costs are too high. So downloading is perfect for me.
But the MP3 stuff is kind of difficult for me. Due to English is not my native language, it´s even more difficult when I don´t see anything and the sound is not very clear.

What I´d like to get is, for example, a filmed seminar of you (and of course, I would pay it!).

That´s it for the first.

I´ll take my time, to check the content of your blog and get back in touch with you!

Best from snowy Germany,


Thank you so much for the email. I understand how digital downloads are an easy way to get the latest DVD audios. When people download a new digital audio product, they have instant access to it without having to wait for it in the mail. It’s also easier than ever before because all you need is your internet connection and a device (e.g., laptop, mobile phone) that can play these files! You don’t need any extra accessories like cables or discs just for downloading content digitally; everything is already built into this technology!

So, I got it:

We now offer recorded seminars that you can download instantly upon purchase!

Email #2 – More Quality Posts


What I would like is for you to only send blogs when you actually have something to say. You have often sent partial posts claiming to have the answer to some question, but really you didn’t say much at all. Quality over quantity.  Myself and others found your email asking ‘am I a good presenter?’ to be nothing more than a self-promotional blurb. Emails blogging that you are too busy to write much really only just fill up our inboxes. Also, please take the time to write complete sentences that make sense. Your blogs often seem like you are just writing something quick just to fill in the space. Quality over quantity Rick.


Thanks for the email.  The feedback I have gotten from people I have talked with at courses provided feedback on my books and conferences, saying they like the fact that I try to write things into a format so you have items that you can use right away with yourself and your clients.  I try to have references for those people that would like to seek out more information.  And I do try to blog 3 to 5 times a week.  I do email 2 to 3 times a week.  If the emails are too much, scroll to the bottom of the following email and unsubscribe.  Then you can check out the blog when you want to see if there is something you would like to read.  That being said:

I will work on more quality posts and revise the old ones when needed!

I did get a few more emails and I will put them up very soon.

Thanks for reading and we will talk to you soon.

Rick Kaselj, MS

Slim & Heal