Adventure Travel Slideshow

Travel is broadening and exciting. It can also be stressful and overwhelming. Whether you’re planning your first big trip or need a refresher on the dos and don’ts of travel, these digital slide shows are here to help. From packing tips and itinerary ideas to useful apps and safety precautions, these articles about my RVing in Europe Travel slideshow I presented last night.

Travel Slideshow

It was a lot of fun.

It is very cool to be asked to come out and talk about some of my travels.

It is fun to share what I have done and look back at some fun times.

The crowd was not as big as I thought it would be but it is tough to compete with a Vancouver Canucks Playoff Hockey game.

Travel Slideshow

Travel Slideshow

I am not sure when I am going to do the slideshows again.  I have been lucky to have presented at a number of the libraries in Vancouver for over 8 years.

Swing by the blog and I will post when I have another one coming up.

Other slideshows I have done are:

Rick Kaselj, MS

When you’re traveling, try your best to keep moving. When you have to sit down, try to change positions as often as possible. You’ll notice a difference in how you feel after your travels, both physically and mentally. Try our 10 Gentle Yoga Poses to Undo the Damage of Sitting All Day that might help.

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