Ankle Sprain Exercise

I got an email from a reader who was looking for some ankle sprain exercises.

Hi Rick,

I am wondering if you have any ideas for a calf exercise for a person with an ankle injury. They are non- weight bearing and have very little ROM in the ankle (a few degrees of flex/ext). The Dr. would like him to continue strengthening the leg, in particular the gastrocs, however pain levels are quite high.

Any suggestions?

Thanks! I have really enjoyed your updates and the muscle imbalances revealed.


I have one exercise for Nat.

It focuses on range of motion in the ankle and working the gastroc at a low level.

Here it is:

Ankle Sprain Exercise

==>  Ankle Sprain Exercise in Supine

Ankle Sprain Exercise in Sitting

==>  Ankle Sprain Exercise in Sitting

Ankle Sprain Exercise on the Floor


==>  Ankle Sprain Exercise on the Floor

Ankle Sprain Exercise on the Wall

==>  Ankle Sprain Exercise on the Wall


I will put up some more ankle sprain exercises soon.

Rick Kaselj, MS

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