Around the World Bodyweight Workout

Hey, I am in another part of the world.

I am in California.

Specifically, Cosa Mesa.

I am just at the Starbucks in the mall working on my presentation on networking. Very excited to be presenting in front of 300 fitness professionals.

Also very excited to hear Kevin Harrington of Shark Tank present tomorrow. I have been listening to his book on my flight down here. He has had a crazy life in business.

When I am done working on my presentation, I am going to do the workout below in the hotel gym.

No you don’t need a gym to do the workout, you just need your bodyweight.

Today the workout is from Todd Kuslikis.

Take it away Todd….

Rick Kaselj, MS


Around the World Bodyweight Workout

This is Todd Kuslikis of and this is a special workout for Rick Kaselj and everyone over at Exercises For Injuries.

Lets get to the workout.

This workout is called the around the world bodyweight routine.

#1 – Marching

Let’s go ahead and just start marching in place. We’re going to start getting those legs warmed up you can get those arms in place as well getting the movement of the blood flowing to the upper body as well as the legs.



In a few more seconds we’re going to do some jumping jacks and get straight into it, it’s the full body work out. We’ll be working our upper body, our core, as well as our legs.

#2 – Jumping Jacks

Alright let’s go ahead and do 50 jumping jacks, at 10 were going to increase the pace, at 20 we’re going to slow down the pace a little bit and once we hit 30 we’re going to jump back up a bit. At 40 slow down the pace. Jumping jacks are a great exercise, just to get that whole body warmed up loosened up before you start the work out.


Jumping Jacks

Make sure you’ve got your breath, control your breath throughout the whole routine.

#3 – Hip Circles

We’re going to start off with forward hip circles, you may not know this exercise however, a normal hip dip is where you come down and come up, we’re actually going to do 10 hip circles. Come forward with the hips down and back up. Go ahead and do 10 of them, just follow along with me.


Hip Circles Right Side

This is working the shoulder, this is working the core, you’re using the legs to stabilize your body, try to come as low as you can, you can even tap the ground if you want to. After 10 you’re going to go ahead and switch sides.


Hip Circles Left Side

You’re going to start to feel it in your shoulders and triceps, as well as those love handles. After 10 you will switch sides and go in reverse, backward hip circles. After 10 switch sides.

(This is Rick. Just a note on the hip circles. For people with back pain, this exercise might not be appropriate. If you have any strain or pain in the lower back, regress this exercise to a side plank.)

Take a quick 30 second rest to get your bearings.

Now we are going to move into the leg portion. This is a workout routine you can do as an interval style, you can do this whole set that I will be bringing you through and then you can do a rest and then go ahead and do the whole thing again that is totally fine depending on your fitness level.

#4 – Roll Backs

Alright this first one is called rolled back which is actually a Tai Chi however, we are doing it as a strengthening exercise. We will be doing 10 reps, this is like a lunge but it is a rolling lunge. Then switch legs and complete another 10 reps. then complete in a forward motion 10 reps each leg. If you start to feel pain in your knee or you are not feeling comfortable, adjust your posture, bring your feet out wider if you want.


Roll Backs

Take 30 seconds to relax, do some hops if you want to keep that blood flow moving, now we are working our upper body.

We did our core with the hip circles, did our legs with those rollbacks and cross forwards and now we are working on our upper body.

#5 – Around the World Push-ups

Alright go straight to the ground get your body going this is around the world push-ups. We will be doing a different style but still 10 reps.

Get up in the normal push-up position, make sure that your back is straight, move forward on your toes, going down doing the push-up and then walking back, around the world push-ups.


Around the World Push-up

This is not just working your chest, it’s working your shoulders and triceps. After completing 10 reps forward you will be completing in a backwards motion 10 reps, if you don’t want to walk backwards that is fine just make a movement with your toes.

#6 – Around the World Push-ups (different plane)

Alright,  we are going to go straight into push-ups around the world push-ups in a different plane. 10 reps in each direction.


Around the World Push-ups

That was the around the world bodyweight routine. We worked our core, we worked our thighs and our legs and we worked our upper body. But we didn’t do it in one plane that’s where a lot of people fall short. They think they are just building strength in one plane, but remember our body is a fully working unit. It’s got muscles in lots of different places  go ahead in work it on different planes.

There you go, I hope you enjoyed that!

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Todd Kuslikis