Back Safe Workout Finisher with Mike Whitfield

Back Safe Workout Finisher with Mike Whitfield

While in Las Vegas last weekend, Mike Whitfield took me through a sample Workout Finisher.

It was 6 am Saturday and we went in front of the Aria hotel.

We did get a few funny looks from people heading to bed, but oh well.

Here is the Back Safe Workout Finisher from Mike Whitfield.

~ Rick


Mike Whitfield and I are outside, it’s like six in the morning in Las Vegas and we are going to go through an example of a Workout Finisher.

I will get Mike to introduce himself and talk a little bit about Finishers and then he is going to take me through a sample of a finisher that you can do.

Mike Whitfield: Very cool. Well, a finisher is just a great way to replace cardio.

Typically what we do is we go to the gym and we do our 5 to 10 minutes warm-up.

You are warming up, right?

Then we go into the string sessions whether it’s a split or full-body workout.

Here’s where everybody does the same thing over and over. We get on the treadmill and we do our steady-state cardio.

What I would do with my clients is replace that cardio with a finisher. It is more fun and it spreads the energy in the entire body compared to just the legs. It is a great way to add a whole new dynamic to your workout plus it is shorter anywhere between 3 to 10 minutes.

This workout finisher here is only 3 minutes; it’s a density style. What density means is that you will do as many rounds as possible within 3 minutes. And here’s the cool part, each exercise is just two reps each so it gives you a whole new rep and set the scheme to challenge yourself.

What you will do is:

  • two jump squats
  • two push-ups
  • two skater hops on each side

Just do as many rounds as possible as you can in 3 minutes. Rick here has volunteered to do one circuit for you.

The first thing he will do is Jump Squat.

Jump Squat

And then we will go right into the Push-Ups.

Push Ups

And then we will do the Skater Hops for two reps.

Skater Hops

That’s it, you just do it. As I said, you just do two reps for each exercise and you just run through that as many times as possible in 3 minutes.

Now let me warn you, this one looks easy but once you get going for about 20 to 30 seconds you will soon change your mind.

Rick Kaselj: And if you have any issues when it comes to the jump squat, Mike and I have got another video of the safe way of doing a jump squat if a jump squat is difficult for you, for your knees, or your back.

Mike where can people get more information about you?

Mike Whitfield: Sure thing, you can go and check my finishers at

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Rick Kaselj, M.S

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