Bench Press Tweak to Improve Chest and Triceps Strength

In a few hours, I am off to Tampa to meet up with Mike Westerdal of Critical Bench.

Before I head off, I want to send you a bench press tweak that you can do.

Here you go and enjoy!

Rick Kaselj, MS


Hey there, what’s happening?

This is Coach Chris of Team Critical Bench in Clearwater, Florida.

Today, I am doing a Reverse Grip Bench Press, not a super common exercise but very effective at working the triceps. I have taken this exercise right out of the 14-Day Muscle Mass program.

I wanted to reveal one of the many exercises that are in program. I am going to go ahead and show you just the basics of the Reverse Grip Bench Press.

CLICK HERE to watch the YouTube video.

Start light on this because the exercise feels a lot different than your standard grip bench press. You want to be very conscious of having a strong, straight, locked wrist. If you don’t it could lead to wrist pain or an injury.

You want to be conscious of when you are underneath the bar, you will feel that you are a little bit further up on the bench to be able to properly get the bar off the rack.

I will show you from a couple of angles where you can really see me doing these presses. I am going to do about 10 repetitions. So stick with me.

Reverse Grip Bench Press

Reverse Grip Bench Press (Front View)

Reverse Grip Bench Press (Side View)

Reverse Grip Bench Press (Side View)

You are still gripping the bar with the same grip. Watch the elbows driving into my ribs. Now this exercise, you can work on lifting some heavy weights with this but start lighter because again it’s a bit unique and how it feels and how you position yourself out of the weight.

Once you are accustomed to it, start piling on some weight. The one I am using is a light weight, not that much, and it’s easy to move.

Give it a little bit of time and you watch your results go up fast.

Your triceps will get stronger because you are working them in a different way and it should lead to a better standard or traditional flat bench press over time along with doing your French presses and a fair amount of depths and things like that to compliment and strengthen those triceps.

Give it a try. Again, 14- Day Muscle Mass. Check it out here.

This is Coach Chris from Team Critical Bench.

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