Exercises for a Broken Collar Bone

Exercises for a Broken Collar Bone copy

My Greatest Shoulder Rehab Challenge

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I have been asked to give some feedback on how to rehab a shoulder.

I know this is no big deal.

I love the shoulder and it was one of my passions.  Heck, I even did my Masters of Science project on rotator cuff rehabilitation exercises.

The information that I was given was the person fell off a chair and broke their collar bone.

A broken collar bone is not big deal.  This is a very common injury but often times a poorly rehabilitated injury with the focus being on rest and not on returning the shoulder to optimal function or rehabilitating the shoulder in order to prevent a future shoulder injury.

A concern to me was the falling off a chair.

I asked if the person had been drinking?

She had been but she had been drinking apple juice.

I asked how old is she?

She is a 4 year old that fell out the kitchen chair and broke her collar bone.  Her dad contacted me and asked if there were a few exercises I could give her.

The situation got me thinking.

I have never designed an exercise rehabilitation program for anyone that young.  The big things that she needs to do is focus on shoulder movement and maintaining strength in the shoulder muscles.  She can do this with no equipment and it can be done very easily every day.

What is the big deal about a broken collar bone at 4 years old?

When bones are broken at such a young age, they will heal fine but will the shoulder function over time.  As I go through in Returning the Shoulder to Optimal Function Seminar, which is a one of the $299 gifts you get when you sign up for the Fitness & Rehab Newsletter.  The collarbone plays a key role with any movements over head.  It is best to do what you can to improve the movement early in the rehabilitation process, even if you are 4 years old.

In the below video I go through four movements that I would give her.

Enjoy the video and remember to leave a comment below on any tips you have that this four year old can use in order to rehabilitate her shoulder?

– Rick Kaselj

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