3 Total Body Medicine Ball Circuit Exercises

Hey, good morning and happy Monday!

I hope you had a great weekend and are ready to take on another week. Today, I have a great workout that you can do to start off the week with a bang. All you need is a medicine ball and ideally some outdoor space to perform the exercises.

Enjoy the workout! Let me know how it goes.

Talk to you again tomorrow!

~ Rick Kaselj, MS


Med Ball Circuit Exercises – Throws, Slams & Squats

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#1 – Underhand Throw

Underhand Throw

Underhand Throw

Place the ball in low your hands so that you can launch up as high as you can. Be sure to get out of the way of the ball so it won’t knock you out as it comes back down. Make sure you launch straight up to get the most out of this exercise. Squat down, stand up fast, and push in through the floor or the ground. Launch the ball up again, extending your arms up towards the sky or ceiling. When the ball hits the ground, pick it up and repeat.

#2 – Cross Body Slam
Cross Body Slam

Cross Body Slam

Front slam are just slamming the ball straight down on the front of the body, but this exercise is a little different. Slam the ball at the outside of the body; cross it over the mid-line with the ball outside of the opposite foot, and alternate it every time. This is great to target the core but also focuses on rotational power. You want to make sure that you are slamming with the upper body and picking the ball up with legs.

#3 – Squat Toss

Squat Toss

Squat Toss

Toss the ball straight up and catch it on the way down. This is good for vertical power. Keeping your back flat, squat down as deep as you can and throw the ball evenly with both hands. Launch it up as high as you can, then carefully catch it on the way down. If you are not confident enough to catch the ball on the way down, just let it hit the ground, pick it up and do it again. Make sure that you are into a deep squat, coming off the ground as fast as you can, and launching the ball as high as you can.

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