Alternative Exercises To Burpees And Mountain Climbers

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Burpees and mountain climbers are among the most common exercises to activate the core and abdominal muscles. These activities can help you get a strong abdomen and a flat belly. Sadly, stress can be put on the wrist when doing these exercises, and if you have wrist pain, it can hinder us from doing the said activity.

Various conditions, including fracture and dislocation of the bones of the wrist, muscle strain, nerve impingement, and sprains, can cause wrist pain. These conditions usually present with intense wrist pain, swelling, weakness, and loss of function. If ever you encounter these symptoms, we highly suggest consulting a physician.

Burpees and Mountain Climbers Injury

But wrist pain can still be present even without swelling and loss of function. There are also cases of intermittent pain in the wrist that is usually present only with certain motions. Adding weight to the wrist can also elicit pain, and if this is the case, how can we do exercises like burpees and mountain climbers?

Proper Mechanics Of The Burpees And Mountain Climbers’ Exercises

Before considering modifications and alternative exercises, we should assess if we are properly doing the exercises. Faulty mechanics of the exercise can lead to wrong joint movement or excessive pressure on the wrist, which can lead to injury and pain. Here are the step-by-step procedures for the exercises.

1. Burpees And Mountain Climbers’ Flutter Kicks

This burpees and mountain climbers exercise strengthens the abdominal muscles, specifically the lower abs. Lie down on your back with both knees straightened. Lift both legs to 30-45 degrees and lift your head, neck, and upper back slightly from the floor.

Raise one leg and lower the other while keeping the knees straight and toes pointed. Then, raise the lowered leg and lower the other. Continue this alternating movement while contracting the core muscles. Lastly, always breathe comfortably and avoid holding your breath. Do this for 10 repetitions, 3 sets.

Flutter Kicks A

Flutter Kicks B

2. Burpees And Mountain Climbers Double-Leg Raises

This exercise strengthens the abdominal muscles. Firstly, lie down on your back with both knees straightened. Lift both legs to 30-45 degrees. Then, hold it elevated for 5 seconds and repeat 5 to 10 times. Lastly, always breathe comfortably and avoid holding your breath.

Double-Leg Raises

3. Seated Russian Twist

For this burpees and mountain climbers exercise, sit in a stable chair with your hips and knees bent to 90 degrees. Then, straighten your elbow, make a fist with your hands, and hold them next to each other in front of you. Activate your core. Bring your balled-up hands from one side of your legs to the other. Follow your hands with your head and eyes. If the seat has arms, aim to touch each side. Breathe throughout the exercise. Practice bracing your abs during each repetition. Finally, do this for 10 repetitions, 3 sets. To progress, lift your feet an inch above the ground.

Seated Russian Twist A

Seated Russian Twist B

4. Squat thrusters

Begin this burpees and mountain climbers exercise by standing, holding dumbbells with both hands at chest height, feet planted on the floor slightly further than shoulder-width apart. Point both feet slightly outward. This is your starting position. Inhale and brace your core.

Then, looking straight ahead, bend at both the hips and knees until your upper legs parallel the floor. Ensure that your back remains within a 45- and 90-degree angle to your hips, and keep your knees aligned with your toes. Exhale and push through your heels, extending your legs, and at the same time, extend your elbows to press the kettlebell overhead.

Ensure that your arms are in line with your ears once your arms are fully extended. You should feel the weight going through your glutes, quads, and shoulders. And then repeat for the specified number of repetitions or times.

Squat thrusters A

Squat thrusters B

5. Modified Burpee

For this burpees and mountain climbers exercise, firstly, place a chair directly in front of you with the seat facing you. Standing one step away from the chair, plant both feet on the mat shoulder-width apart. This is your starting position. Bend at both the hips and knees to place your hands on the chair, and gently draw your ribs to your hips to engage your core while ensuring your spine remains neutral.

Then, step your feet backward, one at a time, so that your legs are completely extended behind you, resting on the balls of your feet. Your body should be in one straight line from your head to your heels. Step both of your feet forward one at a time, once again ensuring that your feet remain shoulder-width apart. Extend your legs to stand up tall and reach your arms above your head. As you reach the top of your stance, press into the balls of your feet to raise your heels off the ground. Lower your arms and heels to return to the starting position. Repeat for the specified number of repetitions.

Modified Burpee 1 Modified Burpee 2
Modified Burpee 3 Modified Burpee 4


Pain can tell us that there is damage or injury in certain parts of our body, including wrist pain. But do not let wrist pain stop you from engaging in active life, as we have modifications and alternative exercises for you. Stay committed and understand these burpees and mountain climbers exercises; you will have a healthy and active lifestyle.

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