Burpee Bodyweight Blitz Workout

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==> Bodyweight Burpee Blitz Workout (video & photos)

Rick Kaselj, MS

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Now take it away Shawna…..


Hey, Shawna Kaminski here from ChallengeWorkouts.com. I have a workout for you today called just “Burpee Bodyweight Blitz Workout”. You need a very little amount of space and a small amount of time and just your bodyweight for this workout.

CLICK HERE to watch the Youtube video.

This is a countdown set. You are going to start with 10 reps and you’ve got 4 exercises. Now depending how much time you have, starting with 10 reps of each exercise, then 8, 6, 4, 2 and then count back up the ladder: 4, 6, 8, 10 (or you could do 10, 9, 8….3, 2, 1).

I am going to go through the 4 exercises with you and I am going to give you some coaching tips along the way and I am going to hand it over to you to do this workout on your own.

You are going to burpees, prisoner squats, wall sit with a stick up, and you are going to finish up with cross body mountain climber.

BBB#1 – Burpee

If you are not up with the burpee, there is couple of alternatives. You can just be doing a full body extension. When you do the full body extension, you really powerfully come up onto the toes and throw the hands up just at the quarter squat and keep the pase up.

Full Body Extension Burpee

Full Body Extension Burpee

The second level of burpee if that is a little easy for you, you can do a burpee walk out and then stand up.

Walk Out and Stand Up Burpee

Walk Out and Stand Up Burpee

Or you can be doing the full Blown burpee. Hands out, feet in, and jump up.

Full Lawn Burpee

Full Blown Burpee

Or you can be adding push up with a jump up.

Push Up with Jump Up Burpee

Push Up with Jump Up Burpee

So that’s the first exercise, 10 burpees.

BBB#2 – Prisoner Squat

You may wonder why we do this prisoner position it is because it opens up the chest and works the upper back. Don’t let the elbows get lazy and pull the head down. You want to keep those elbows nice and high, lace those finger tips and actively squeeze those elbows behind you to engage the upper back.

Prisoner Position

Prisoner Position

When we are doing bodyweight exercises it is a little bit tougher to hit the upper back, so doing that prisoner position really helps. The head controls the spine on the squat. That’s another reason why you don’t let the elbows to come forward because you are going to pull the head forward and fold at the waist.

Keep the chin nice and high. Squeeze those elbows behind and sink that hips back and wiggle the toes. Weight is on the heels for the squat.

Prisoner Squat

Prisoner Squat

BBB#3 – Wall Sit Stick Up

Trust me, the stick up doesn’t look like much but once you do it you will realize “wow, I really feel it in my upper back”.

Wall Sit Stick Up

Wall Sit Stick Up

We are sitting on our imaginary chair. We go to 90 degrees. We are going to actively squeeze our knees together so we are engaging through that inner thigh. You are going to open up the arms and you are going to push the wall behind you trying to get those hands right over the top of the shoulders.

You are going to try to keep the entire back on the wall at the same time. The elbows, hands, and wrists just come to 90 degrees. You are going to do 10 reps. Right now my quads are on fire and squishy after those prisoner squats. And then I am again engaging through that upper back opening through the chest.

BBB#4 – Cross Body Mountain Climber

What’s really important with cross body mountain climber or any mountain climber is you want to have the shoulders over elbows over hands. I don’t want a rounded back. I want to squeeze those shoulder blades.

Cross Body Mountain Climber

Cross Body Mountain Climber

Now I am going to bring the opposite knee to opposite elbow. When I am doing 10 cross leg mountain climbers that’s 10 per leg. This planking position is the most effective for hitting that transverse and getting a strong and healthy core. That’s our last exercise.

After those cross leg mountain climbers, I am back up to do 8 burpees, 8 of everything, 6 of everything, 4 of everything, 2 of everything, and that’s all if you have time for. That’s a great full body workout. Up the intensity by working up to 10 or another way that tackles this one is 10 to 1.

Have a good time with that full body “Burpee Bodyweight Bliz” workout and I will see you next time.

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Shawna Kaminski

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