7 Tips to Make Your Home Healthier

7 Tips to Make Your Home Healthier

October 19, 2018 Rick Kaselj

Your home is your sanctuary, but just how healthy is it? It’s not something we often think about. We’re exercising, eating well and trying to control stress, but the truth is we spend a lot […]


8 Benefits of Cooking with Cast Iron

August 9, 2018 Rick Kaselj

When you go to cook a meal for your family, usually you’re thinking about the food you’re using more than the vessels you’re cooking it in. Recent research, though, suggests that we’d all be smart […]

How Safe is Your Air Freshener

How Safe is Your Air Freshener?

July 5, 2018 Rick Kaselj

How clean is the air inside your home or office? According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), probably not very clean. While you may worry about air pollution in the heart of the […]

How Safe Is Your Cookware

How Safe Is Your Cookware?

June 27, 2018 Rick Kaselj

Is some cookware safer than others in terms of toxic fumes, chemical reactivity or actual raw materials? How safe is that nonstick coating on your waffle iron? What about the silicone muffin pan or the […]

Fun Fitness Activities for Spring

Fun Fitness Activities for Spring

April 18, 2018 Rick Kaselj

Spring is upon us and it’s time to start thinking about coming out of your winter hibernation and enjoying the warmer temperatures, greening scenery and the fresh, spring air. Staying physically fit can be simple […]


7 Natural Ways to Prevent the Flu

March 21, 2018 Rick Kaselj

During the last week of 2017, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that “influenza activity increased sharply in the United States,” with the most frequently identified virus being the “A(H3).” They’ve now […]

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