#1 Mistake When Training The Core

#1 Mistake When Training The Core

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I want to explain the #1 mistake that I see when it comes to people training their core specifically for back health.
The mistake is that people don’t train the transverse plane of their core. They do not work on their core three-dimensionally.
An exercise that you can do for that is an Anti-Rotational Tubing Exercise.
I will get Orsy to demonstrate.

Anti-Rotational Tubing Exercise


You’ve got the tubing at about chest height. You are stepping away from wherever that tubing is fixed. You hold that tubing out front at about chest height. You hold it for about 10 seconds and then you can lean off the tension and then go into another repetition.

Progression #1

You can progress and make it harder by moving the hands closer and then moving away.


Progression #2

The next thing that you can do is move the hands up to 45 degrees and then move them down to 45 degrees below.


We are working on changing the planes of movement to where that tubing is pulling on the core.
Lastly, you can just do the exercises one arm at a time. You can use the inside arm and then go with the outside arm.


There you go! When it comes to training your core, a lot of times people don’t train it three-dimensionally. They are working in one plane only, maybe forward and back, and doing a little bit side to side. The most important is to train the third dimension or transverse plane.
If you are missing that in your workout, try this Anti-Rotational Tubing exercise, and let me know how it goes.

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