Common Ab Training Mistake

Common Ab Training Mistake

I was looking at some old pictures and came across this:


It was when I was in Tampa Bay filming the Fix My Knee Pain program. It was a long 6 hours of filming but fun.

Okay, let’s get to what I have for you today.

Before I headed to Tampa Bay, I was in Miami and did a Q&A with Tyler Bramlett on Common Ab Training Mistakes.

Here is the video:

For those that like to read, here you go:

Q – Rick: I am down here in Miami for a Fitness Mastermind meeting. I got to chatting with Tyler during lunch. We were talking about ab training and a common mistake he ends up seeing people make when it comes to ab training. I will get Tyler to explain the mistake that people make when it comes to ab training.

A – Tyler: Yes. The biggest mistake that I see people make when they do ab training and in all training in gen,eral is the fact that they go too big too fast and they don’t master foundational movements.

Instead of thinking about things like “Ok, I’m going to do some crunches and when I get to 50 crunches, I am going to do a hundred and then I’m going to do two hundred.” They do that kind of training and it doesn’t actually benefit them in the long run because they are not building strength, power, and performance.

First, you need to get the essential muscles to act, for example, through therapy exercises.

A – Rick Interrupting Tyler: Therapy exercises are important, especially the activation part. You need to activate the right muscles and you need to layer on strength, power, and performance on top of the therapy exercises.

A – Tyler: Yeah.

The analogy I can use in this when people go out there and run, they just run longer and longer distances, and they become marathoners.

What happens is they don’t get lean muscles; they don’t get a lot of benefit from it in terms of their metabolism and a lot of times, people get injured.

If you want to have strong ab muscles when you’re performing, you have got to have a logical sequence for you to be able to build that foundation for results.

Then you are ready to go to that next exercise and then, that next exercise.

I see this most predominantly in gymnastics. These are the people with the best abs and strongest abs in the world.

They do that by starting with very basic exercises like leg-raising and core activation and then they move from there like hanging leg raises and things that seem impossible to most people simply because they do not understand that progression.

A – Rick: Awesome!

Thank you very much, Tyler. Thank you very much readers, listeners, and watchers, this is Rick Kaselj from Miami (sent from Tampa Bay). If you want more information on Tyler and the system that he ends up using with his clients to create strong abs, you can check it out here.

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