I am really excited to announce that I am hosting Dean Somerset in Vancouver, Canada.

If you do not know who Dean Somerset is, here is a little video of Dean from his presentation from the Spinal Health & Core Training seminar:

Here are the details on the seminars:


I am bringing this back. I have not done one of these in a while. It use to be called the Fitness & Rehab Conference and I had ran them from 2007 to 2011.

I want to get back to doing this. It is great to bring leaders from around the world to the Vancouver area to share their knowledge, skill and experience.

I have also re-named the event – EFI Summit.

For the EFI Summit, I am going to be brining in Dean Somerset. if you have been following EFI, you have heard of Dean and if you have any of the Muscle Imbalances Revealed Series, he was a contributor to the Lower Body and Upper Body editions.

For the EFI Summit, Dean will be doing two sessions and I will be doing one session.

Here are the details on our sessions:

Session #1


Voodoo: Hacking Anatomy for Immediate Results with Dean Somerset

Where should your tongue be if you’re looking to increase your deadlift?

How will doing a side plank increase your hip range of motion without stretching at all?

Can a breathing drill help increase your squat strength and power?

How does flexing the arch of your foot a couple of times increase your endurance and run speed?

Can a tight hip flexor cause more than a slow run time, maybe lead to acid reflux?

These are the kinds of problems I help people through every day, using interconnectivity of the muscular system to detect keystones to common problems. What may seem completely benign could be applying the brakes to your motor system, and a simple tweak can unlock your true potential.

You will leave this seminar with:

  • An understanding of the discussion of the interconnection of the body, especially the fascia
  • Effects of breathing on muscle activity, effort and strength
  • Neural effect of common training programs to create or restrict movement
  • The effect tongue position can impact core function
  • Learn how the diaphragm plays an integral role in pretty much everything, and how you can get it to work optimally in you and your clients.
  • See how a slight change in where you place your tongue can have an immediate impact on your spinal stiffness, which will play a huge role in a max deadlift.
  •  See how to fix flat feet, permanently
  •  Learn cool party tricks to wow all your friends.


Session #2


Hands-free Self Massage for Injury Prevention and Workout Recovery with Rick Kaselj

Rest and stretching are the recommended methods of preventing injuries or getting our clients’ bodies ready for their next session. In this practical and hands-on workshop you will learn new, safe techniques and exercises for yourself and your clients when it comes to fending off injury and to help the body get ready for the next session. You will be shown ways of using common and inexpensive equipment found in a fitness centre to add to your programs. We will be using tennis balls, medicine balls, foam rollers and a few other gym tools to help in injury prevention and recovery for the neck, hip, shoulder, back, knee and foot. If you have nagging tight muscles or have a tough time recovering between workouts, you should make sure to attend this workshop.

You will leave this seminar with:

  • Learn who should, but more importantly, who should not be doing self massage exercises
  • Go through a list of movements and exercises to help foot, calf, knee, hip, back, shoulder and neck for injury prevention and recovery
  • How to use the foam roller, medicine ball, tennis ball, plus a few other fitness tools in new and unique ways


Session #3


Hip Hinge: Outside of the Sagittal Plane with Dean Somerset

You will leave this seminar with:

  • The importance of varying training programs for structural differences between individuals
  • How to assess hip hinge capacity
  • Training methods to utilize frontal and transverse plane activity while maintaining joint centration
  • Simple traction modalities for active warm ups and general mobilization

Date: Friday, April 11, 2014 – 10 am to 5 pm (Yes, Friday)


Campus Crossfit
19885 Fraser Highway
Langley, BC Canada
IMPORTANT => This will be at a Crossfit gym (box). This is not a seminar room or college lecture hall, it is a gym. We will be using what they have in gym. We will use the floor, rings, pull up bars, squat racks, bars and everything else they have in there. Please be prepared to do stuff, be assessed and wear clothing to do stuff.

CECs – Approved for 6.0 BCRPA, BCAK, CSEP CECs / 0.6 NSCA CEUs

Cost –
Seminar #1 – $397
Seminar #1 & #2 – $597


Monster Mobility


Monster Mobility


– Cutting Edge Techniques for Increasing Range of Motion

Some people are born with the bone and joint alignment to be human versions of Gumby, and some are not. That doesn’t mean you should exist within the confines of a stiff musculature. There are quick and easy ways to see massive increases in range of motion, and I want to show them to you.

This seminar goes through the most cutting edge techniques, science and application to increase range of motion without surgery or other invasive procedures. Taking advantage of optimal centration, neural affect, and breathing techniques to target in on limitations, as well as some additional active drills to help speed the process can help take you from stiff as a board to near Van Damme levels of flexibility, all in record time. Did I mention no static stretching required?

You will leave this seminar with:

  • Learn different methods of developing muscle tension and how it can reduce range of motion
  • How to identify and address common issues for developing mobility, featuring structural, soft tissue, neural and protective tension
  • A variety of foam rolling, breathing, active mobilization, static stretching, traction, co-stabilization and tac & stretch modalities will be discussed, including time covering neural effect, structural effect, and soft tissue alterations of each technique
  • Self myofascial release and its role in increasing range of motion
  • Key cueing and coaching of modality exercises
  • Neurophysiology of stretching
  • Fear & anxiety and their roles in stiffness
  • Application of different stressors to elicit stretch reflex loops
  • Be given case studies highlighting common problems encountered in the gym population and how to solve them
  • Plus have your pressing questions about training answered by Dean Somerset

Date: Saturday, April 12, 2014 – 10:30 am to 5:30 pm


LIVE2PLAY Fitness Studio
#200 5858 176 Street
Surrey, BC
V3S 4E2http://www.live2playfitness.com/


Seminar #2 – $397

Seminar #1 & #2 – $597

About the Presenter – Dean Somerset

DeanDean Somerset BSs, CSCS, CEP, MES is the Rehabilitation and Medical Fitness Coordinator for World Health Club, a company with 19 clubs across Alberta, Canada. He oversees the trainer education and Post-Rehabilitation program implementation alongside over 100 medical and allied health professionals, and works to create a continuum of health and wellness for both patients and clients. His personal clientele ranges from joint replacement rehab, medical dysfunction management, weight loss, and even elite sport performance from a “function-first” training philosophy. If you can’t make the seminars, then make sure to check out Dean’s Post Rehab Essentials v2.0, it is an amazing resource for fitness professionals. Also make sure to check out Dean’s blog, he has great articles and videos that will help you with your clients and training.


My association is not listed for CECs?
Feel free to contact your association and see how you would be able to petition the course. Every association has a petition process and if you need any documentation to help you out, just contact us at [email protected]

What should I wear for the seminar?
Wear clothing that you can be assessed in and can do exercise in. Please do not come to the seminars in a suit, jeans or a skirt.

Will the content be different in seminar #1 & #2?

Yes, they are two different seminars and the content will be different in both.

Will Dean Somerset be coming to Vancouver or Western Canada again?

No, this is the first time Dean has come to Vancouver to present and there are no plans for him to return to this area.

Will the seminar be recorded?

No, the seminar will not be recorded.

What is the refund policy?

75% prior to February 15 / 50% prior to March 15 / No refund after April 1

Hey, this is not in downtown Vancouver?

Most people that attended the Dan John seminar in 2013 had no issues with attending a seminar in Langley and I know Campus Crossfit will have everything we need to put on great seminars.

Is there a group rate?

Yes, if you have 3 or more people that will be registering and paying at the same time, please contact us at [email protected]

Is there a student rate?

If you are presently taking a full course load at college or university, please contact us at [email protected] for details.

Rick Kaselj

Here is another great clip of Dean in action:

P.S. – Dean has also been a regular contributor to EFI and here are a few of his past contributions: