6 Things That Tiger Woods Can Do To Fix His Butt

6 Things That Tiger Woods Can Do To Fix His Butt

Everyone knows that Tiger Woods is good at golf. Even with the videos, books, and online tutorials, becoming a good golfer takes time and effort. I’m not sure if you have heard about this, but Tiger Woods recently dropped out of a golf tournament because his butt shut down, and there are six things that Tiger Woods can do to fix his butt.

If you don’t believe me, let’s have Tiger explain things:¬†

When I heard this, all I could think about was a cheesy song from my high school days…

Now Tiger didn’t “Blame It On the Rain.”

He “Blamed It On His Butt.”

Should Tiger Blame It On His Butt?

With all of the lower back issues that Tiger has had over the years, yes, he can blame it on his butt.

It is common for people with back pain to have issues with their butt, or more specifically, their gluteus Maximus.

This is called gluteal amnesia, and I conducted a previous interview with David Weinstock, where he talked about this in detail.What to do About Gluteal Amnesia with David Weinstock

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What Should Tiger Woods Do Fix His Butt?

1. Exercises That Help with Butt Pain

Here are three…

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Simply doing more exercises is not the solution. He also needs to do the next five things.

2. Exercises That Target The Gluteus

Here are six exercises that will help…

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3. Three Keys to Muscle Stability

I talk about this a lot in Muscle Imbalances Revealed. Still, he needs to work on the three keys of muscle stability which are very important for an injury cover and preventing re-injury.

This is working on a muscle’s activation, endurance, and strength. Especially the muscles around the back.

4. It is More Than Just The Gluteus Maximus

Tiger needs to work on more than just his gluteus maximus. He needs to work on his gluteus medius, gluteus minimus, internal hip rotators, external hip rotators, and core muscles.

Focusing on one muscle will leave the others weak and will not help recovery.

5. Try to Stay in a Position of Low Load of Stress

When you move from lying on your back to standing, to standing bent forward, and then finally to sitting, there is an increase in the load on the spine.

Since he is a golfer and needs to play golf for multiple hours, he is standing and standing bent forward. This puts a lot of stress on the back.

Since he travels worldwide, he also spends a lot of time sitting. Sitting on the plane, car, and at meetings.

Doing what he can to decrease the stress on his back will help with his pain and back pain recovery, but with his work and profession, it will be challenging.

6. Realistic Expectations

Tiger is dating 30-year-old skier Lindsey Vonn, while he is 39.

With most professional sports, Tiger would be near the end of his career. Since he is a golfer, he can continue playing for as long as he wants as a professional. Thankfully, there are things that Tiger Woods can do to fix his butt.

Tiger may have peaked in his 20s while many other golfers peak in their 30s or 40s.

This might be the reality.

He might have moments of greatness, but his consistency could be gone.

No professional athlete can stay on top forever. It might be time to enjoy what he can, be thankful for his time on top, and have time to fix his butt.

Rick Kaselj, MS

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