First Friday of the Month

First Friday of the Month

I am a day late. The posts have fallen by the wayside, and I’ve neglected my usual daily blogging routine. But there is still more to say, so here we are with another update that feels late but isn’t even close to being overdue. I don’t know what it is about this week or last month, but it has felt like life started happening much faster than usual. It’s like trying to catch up on an entire year’s content in just one day! And now, as I look back on everything from my perspective right now? So the First Friday update is happening Saturday night.

The week has been rough, but I am optimistic that this weekend will be perfect since it’s the First Friday of the Month.

Oh well. Here we go.

Why I Blog?

A lot of people wonder why I blog. This is one reason:

It is excellent to help fitness professionals and those suffering from injuries.

It is a privilege to be able to help others live their best life. Fitness professionals work hard, and it is always rewarding to see the progress of those constantly looking for support. It can be an honor or even a great feeling if someone comes back after being helped by you with injuries healed and asking for more guidance to improve themselves further to lead healthier lives.

I am so happy to help my clients one-on-one, help fitness professionals through my injury courses and then help injury sufferers through all my books, videos, and webinars.

Once I have established a stable career as an injury specialist, I aim to help other people with injuries and give them the same peace of mind I’ve been given. What began by assisting others one-on-one has expanded into teaching fitness professionals how to avoid injuries in their clients and educating everyone on what they can do for themselves when injured or prepping for surgery.

Thank you to everyone that has supported me; I am so lucky.

PTontheNet Likes What I have to Say!

The fitness education powerhouse had some kind words about my blog post on “What I do When a Back Flare Up Hits.” Have a look:

PTontheNet comment

This is very cool. I have been a member for years and am active on their forum. It is exciting that they saw something they liked.

Even Some Doctors Recommend Rick Kaselj!

It is very cool when you get stuff like this happening on your Facebook account:

First Friday Comment

Dr. Perry Nickelston is a happy customer of Muscle Imbalances Revealed, and he checked out my website, Healing Through Movement. He recommended me on his Facebook page.

When people start seeing your posts on social media, whether, by friends or family members tagging them in photos, commenting on your posts with positive feedback about you, or being tagged themselves, there may be some connection between who recommended you and who was ranked. It’s a great thing to see that doctors are advising you. It indicates this deep level of respect for what has been achieved professionally and personally from those within one’s career! It means they think highly of the work done and show that they want their patients to get the best care possible.

Very cool. Again until next Friday, thanks so much for your support! 

Rick Kaselj, MS

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