Fixing Medial and Lateral Elbow Pain

Fixing Medial and Lateral Elbow Pain

Today I have a test for you on fixing elbow pain. It is an easy test that you can do to understand what kind of elbow pain you have. You can also get your clients to perform the test to understand better what type of elbow pain they have and what exercises to give them and avoid.


Simple Test for Medial or Lateral Elbow Pain

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The above is called Polk’s test. I always chuckle when people name a test after themselves. I should name a test after me. So,  I need to think of what that would be.

This week, I have released fixing Elbow Pain with Jedd Johnson. Let me answer a few questions that have come in about the product.

Questions about Fixing Elbow Pain Program

What is the difference between Tennis Elbow Pain Solution and Fixing Elbow Pain?

Tennis Elbow Pain Solution is a specific program targeted just to tennis elbow.

Fixing Elbow Pain targets athletes and those who work out (lifters). It helps the athlete and lifter with elbow and forearm pain.

I go through lateral and medial elbow pain exercises that an athlete and lifter can add to his program to help overcome lateral and medial elbow pain.

I have teamed up with Jedd Johnson, who brings in the perspective of an athlete and lifter for preventive techniques and pre-habilitation exercises.

So to sum it up, if you have tennis elbow pain and want to rehabilitate it, Tennis Elbow Pain Solution is what you should get.

If you are an athlete or lifter and have medial and lateral elbow pain from what you do, and you want to know what exercises you can do to make it better and training techniques to keep it away, then Fixing Elbow Pain is what you should get.

I hope this makes sense.

How Did “Fixing Elbow Pain” Get Started?

Jedd Johnson saw my stuff on my blog and other blogs. He saw that I had a Tennis Elbow Pain program and told me that he had it. Also, he let me know he does all kinds of strength training, grip sports, strong man, etc. Then he did many things for pre-hab (exercises to prevent injury) and preventive techniques after overcoming his tennis elbow.

We got chatting and thought it would be great if we combined forces. I could be on the rehabilitation side of things, and Jedd could bring in the pre-hab and preventative techniques. What we came up with was Fixing Elbow Pain.

The program is a big help for athletes and lifters with medial and lateral elbow pain.

Fixing Elbow Pain Main Program

Let’s look at the program a little more and see how it can help you:

In the main program, there are four components:

  • Component #1 & 2 – This is where I give you the exercises, progressions, exercise order, and correct reps/sets for medial and lateral elbow pain.
  • Component #3 & 4 – Jedd puts together an 80-plus page manual on pre-hab and preventive techniques for elbow and forearm pain from stuff that has worked for him. It is great. I got a lot of great ideas from it, and I know it will help people taking my Exercise Rehabilitation of the Wrist and Hand course.
  • Bonus – Ultimate Upper Body Workout Finisher with Travis Stoetzel is fantastic. It is for the person looking for ideas and workouts that are hard and challenging.

The main program has everything you need to fix your elbow and forearm pain.

Fixing Elbow Pain Accelerator Program

We also set up an Accelerator Program for those looking for videos of the exercises and techniques used in the program. There is over 1 hour and 30 minutes of video. Here is a list of the videos you will get:

  • 1 Warm-up Method Part I – 6:49
  • 2 Warm-up Methods Part 2 – 3:19
  • 3 Hazard Awareness for Preventing Injuries – 2:01
  • 4 Elbow Sleeves for Injury Prevention – 2:29
  • 5 Tendon Wrapping Technique – 2:56
  • 6 Stretches for Injury Prevention Part I – 4:16
  • 7 Stretches for Injury Prevention Part II – 1:42
  • 8 Power Ball Massager Tool – 4:07
  • 9 Traction for Improved Recovery – 3:28
  • 10 Contrast Bathing for Improved Recovery – 5:55
  • 11 Compression Band Therapy – 6:22
  • 12 Self Myofascial Release Techniques – 2:06
  • 13 Professional Services for Recovery and Injury Prevention – 4:03
  • 14 Rice and Sand Bucket Training – 3:30
  • 15 Rubber Band Extensor Work – 3:58
  • 16 Leverage Bar Rotations – 3:52
  • 17 Shot Training for Lower Arm Health – 4:29
  • 18 Hammer Grip Band Exercises for Forearm Pre-hab
  • 19 Rehabilitation of Medial and Lateral Elbow Pain Exercise Program Video – 14:17
  • 20 What to Do and Not Do for Elbow Pain – 17:13

After this explanation, I hope you can see how Fixing Elbow Pain can help you with your elbow and forearm pain, especially if you are an athlete or lifter.

Lateral Elbow Pain Test

Also, I had done a video on a self-assessment for lateral elbow pain in the past. Again, it goes through four levels of lateral elbow pain tests.

Self Assessment for Lateral Elbow Pain

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That is it, have a great day.

Rick Kaselj, MS

Tennis Elbow Pain Solution