Foam Roller Exercises

I have an upcoming workshop on foam roller exercises.

Foam Roller Essentials

Foam Roller Exercises to Improve Core Stability, Posture, Strength, Range of Motion, Flexibility, Trigger Points and Balance

Workshop Description:

Every facility has foam rollers but few fitness professionals use them.  The foam roller is a simple and easy fitness tool that can be used in a group or one-on-one setting.  It can be used for variety, to help modify an exercise, make an exercise more challenging or help with recovery from a workout.  Learn the essentials of using the foam roller as part of any client’s total body workout, plus new and exciting ways to challenge and improve strength, core stability, posture, range of motion, flexibility, trigger points and balance. After completing this active, hands-on two hour workshop you leave with a stack of exercises you can use with all of your clients.

What you will learn in this workshop:

  • – An extensive list of exercises, reinforced with demonstrations and practice, that will improve your client’s strength, core stability, posture, range of motion, flexibility, trigger points and balance
  • – Awareness of cueing and spotting techniques to ensure exercises are performed correctly
  • – Guidelines for identifying which exercises can best benefit a specific client’s needs
  • – An understanding of how to incorporate the exercises into a class or individual client program, and how to safely progress your clients
  • – Knowledge of the correct technique for incorporating foam roller exercises into client and class programs, including proper execution, breathing and recommended repetitions

Registration:  If you want to get this 2 hour video presentation of this workshop CLICK HERE.

About the Presenter:

Rick Kaselj, MS, BSc, PK, CEP, CPT, CES

Rick Kaselj is a personal trainer who focuses on designing exercise programs for clients recovering from injuries.

One tool Rick constantly uses with his clients is the foam roller.

Rick has shared his tips, tricks and exercises with thousands of fitness professionals from around the world through his books, courses, presentation and active blog. Rick recently completed his Masters of Science degree focusing on corrective exercise and therapeutic exercise for the rotator cuff.

To learn more about Rick, visit his blog and receive your $299 fitness education gift –