GHB 8 Minute Workout

GHB 8 Minute Workout

It has been a heavy weak of workouts.

I hoped you have enjoyed them.

Today, I have one more for you from Jason Klein.


Rick Kaselj, MS

(P.S. – Plus I will have one more for you tomorrow.)


Hey what’s up everybody!

This is Jason from the I just wanted to make this for Rick Kaselj and all of his friends over at Exercises For Injuries.

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You probably know this by being around Rick, that the most neglected area of stimulation in mainly the human body are:

  1. Gluteus Maximus
  2. Hamstring complex
  3. Low back

I am going to give you something awesome. It is the 8 minutes GHB bodyweight only workout.

It is 8 minutes based on my research and my master’s program as well as practical application that I implemented when I was training marines and sailors as a fitness contractor for the US navy.

This is an awesome lower body fat loss turbine. It’s a lower body dominant, 40 seconds work, 20 seconds rest.

Our first exercise is going to be a Lateral Alternating lunge.

#1 – Lateral Lunge

Lateral lunge alternating both heels planted at all times. We are coming out about there, hands right in the center in the neutral position.

Lateral LungeLateral Lunge

Now again for a modification, decrease the range of motion, get a good form, always progress. Don’t try to go to where you want to be automatically because it doesn’t work like that. We have got to work up to where we want to go, especially if you have any tightness in the lower back. It’s not like everyone can do everything perfectly.

Alright, Bulgarian Squats.

#2 – Bulgarian Squats – Right Side

We are doing Bulgarian squats today. I am going to show you that and a modification for the Bulgarian Squat. Remember, we are doing 40 seconds on and 20 seconds off.

Key points on doing a Bulgarian Squat, the top of my foot is on a chair. I am focusing on driving my knee straight to the floor. I normally put my hands up, prisoner squat style.Remember to be under control all the way down and push nice and strong on the way up. Last thing you want to do is just fall right down.

Bulgarian Squats - right side

Bulgarian Squats – Right Side

We are going to switch to the other side.

For a modification, if you can’t do the Bulgarian Squat, you could go to a squat.

Alright, we are going to do the Air Squat.

#3 – Air Squat

With Air squat, we are trying to get a lot of reps but we are not trying to get crazy, just go smooth, but we want to work up some tempo.

I am going to use the chair as a modification just to show you what I mean. I am just tapping the squat, not sitting down because I am not getting any results by sitting down.  I am just touching the chair and sitting up. I am just tapping the chair, I am actually out and reaching back with my hips. When we get more comfortable take the chair out.

Air Squat

Air Squats

Alright, next we have Wall Sits.

#4 – Wall Sits

Wall Sits really focus on contraction in the legs. What we are looking for is pushing heel into the floor, squeezing everything possible and going down to at least 90 degrees. You can be too high or too low, if you are you too low you are not working, you want to keep yourself honest.

Wall Sits

Wall Sits

Next, the Good Morning.

#5 – The Good Morning

The Good Morning interlacing the fingers, the feet are forward and also we are doing slight bend in the knee. This is not meant to be a furious motion or a fast, quick movement. More of a controlled movement you can probably feel the hamstrings. I am trying to push my hips backwards and hinging at the hips, not bending the knees.

Good Morning

Good Morning

Now the Hip Raise on the right side.

#6 – Hip Raise – Right Side

In a hip raise I am making a triangle, and bringing the foot out on the right and straight up and down and if you can hold it, great. If you can’t, then bring it down and then back up. I am really flexing everything that I can, it’s pretty tiring for the muscles.
If you have not done it very much it’s going to feel a weird burn, that just means that you probably have weak  or have tight hips.

Hip Raise - right side

Hip Raise – Right Side

There you go, I hope you enjoyed the GHB 8 Minute Workout.

Oh ya, I know there are only 6 exercise and how can that equal 8 minutes. Remember you do Lateral Lunges and Hip Raises on each side for 40 minutes of work and 20 seconds of rest so that leads to 8-minutes.

Now that is out of the way.

Thanks for reading and watching. See you guys next time.

Jason Klein, MS

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