How to Jazz Up The Boring Burpee

I hope your week has gone well.

The Kaselj Clan is starting to settle into our new house.

Here is an amazing sunset from our house:


Just because we are settled, that does not mean we are unpacked. I can’t find anything and most of our stuff is still in boxes. (You understand, don’t you?) For example, I hope to find the coffee mugs soon as I have been reusing a cardboard Starbucks cup the last few days.

I wanted to share something with you that happened during my workout, todya.

Today, I did get my workout in. It was an outdoor workout (prisoner squats, pike push ups, planks, sprints). The workout was great and I got it in before the mid-day heat but today I was reminded about another challenge when it comes to summer outdoor workouts, air quality.

Yesterday, a fire started across the lake from Kelowna in West Kelowna and it has been steadily growing. Numerous people have been evacuated, the air smells like a campfire and the city is very concerned.


With all of the smoke, they put out an air quality warning to anyone that has respiratory issues. The warming should also expand to anyone that is working or exercising outside.

Near the end of my workout I was sweating, which is great, but my lungs were on fire. Not from being pushed into anaerobic state but from the smoke. It felt like I inhaled all the smoke from a campfire.

It took me a few hours to recover with some big bout of couching, which helped.

Next time I will wait for the air quality to be a lot better before I take my summer workout outside.

Now getting to what I have for you today.

I have some great stuff on burpees.

Burpees are a great exercise and target the whole body but they can get a little boring. Here are a few ways you can jazz up your burpee.

In this article and video I wanted to go through the 3 Ways to Jazz Up the Boring Burpee.

CLICK HERE to watch the YouTube video.

#1 – Mountain Climber Burpee

You are going into the burpee position and at the bottom you are going to do a mountain climber for four repetitions and then you come out of the burpee. That’s the first option of jazzing up the burpee.

Mountain Climber Burpee

Mountain Climber Burpee

#2 – Jack Burpee

You go down into the push up position and you go into the jack position with the legs and then coming back go to the start. Again, going back into that jack and then coming back in.

Jack Burpee

Jack Burpee

#3 – Dumbbell Burpee

You are going into a front raise squat and then into that push up position, back up, front squat, down, burpee position and back up.

Dumbbell Burpee

Dumbbell Burpee

There you go. If you are tired of doing the same old burpee over and over again, try one of those three ways of jazzing it up. You have got the Mountain Climber Burpee, the Jack Burpee, and the Dumbbell Burpee.

Now it you had a tough time with any of these because of your knees, then check out Fix My Knee Pain, here:


Take care and if the air quality is bad, bring your workout inside,

Rick Kaselj, MS

Knee Pain Solved