Imagine You Had Cancer – Part 2

Imagine you had cancer part 2

Never having worked with anyone who had cancer, you’re understandably a little scared, and have absolutely no idea where to begin. Fortunately, you just finished reading a blog post that directed you to a product called HOW EXERCISE CAN HELP YOU BEAT CANCER – THE ULTIMATE SURVIVORS’ GUIDE, and you decide that there’s no better time than now to get it. It’s written by Dean Somerset, a kinesiologist in Edmonton, Alberta who has studied cancer in laboratory settings, clinical settings, research trials, and has also trained dozens of cancer patients throughout their treatments. He’s one of only a handful of fitness professionals in the world who can say they have this type of training and experience. When you get the complete package, it has video seminars for both the professional and the layperson who might not have any experience with fitness, so it can help anyone increase their knowledge on the subject.

When you get it, there are a number of video presentations, one specifically for fitness professionals, and one for the average client. You study the professionals’ video, and give a copy of the non-professionals video to your client to help them understand what’s going on and what your plan will be. They are immediately excited at the fact that their trainer cares enough about them to want to learn more about cancer, and immediately tell their doctor and spouse and anyone who will listen about how amazing you are and how helpful you’re being. In addition to providing you with a great educational resource, The Ultimate Survivors’ Guide has also provided you with someone who is now your biggest fan, an inspiration to everyone at the gym, and a new source of referrals.

These are the two common scenarios you will hear over and over again with reference to HOW EXERCISE CAN HELP YOU BEAT CANCER – THE ULTIMATE SURVIVORS’ GUIDE. The unique two-tiered perspective offered to both fitness professionals and the Average Joe, as well as a training program unlike any other, makes this the complete package to help anyone going through cancer as well as those charged with helping others through it.

I’ve helped train dozens of clients recovering from and going through cancer treatments, and each one has been able to finish their treatments with noticeable improvements in their fitness, many with recorded results in research trials. Odds are that you know someone who is currently battling cancer. Maybe it’s you, and I can absolutely assure you that you can help them (or you) benefit from having a structured program that is geared specifically to overcoming cancer. There is no other program that takes into account a cancer patient’s treatment schedule and the stresses it puts on the body.

By following this program, someone recovering from cancer can see improved strength, balance, and cardio fitness, as well as tolerance of treatments and also give them a sense of feeling normal, something they would give anything to feel again.

Rick Kaselj, MS