When a Cancer Client Dies

When a Cancer Client Dies

I hope you have been enjoying the posts on the blog this week about
cancer and exercise.

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It’s February, and it was World Cancer Day a few days ago.

When I hear about cancer, I think about a lady that I trained to run a
half marathon.  She made it through her first battle with cancer and
met with me so I could help her overcome her cancer with exercise, plus
train for a half marathon.

It was so much fun and it was exciting to train this lady.  She was so
positive and strong.

She did finish the half marathon and we were both so excited.
After the half marathon, she continued to train on her own.

A few months later, I got a phone call from the priest of her church and letting me know that she passed away – she did not make it through her second bout of cancer.

That client is still dear to my heart and when I think of cancer and exercise, I think of her.

When I was training her, I wish I had a resource on cancer and exercise but I didn’t.  I had to spend hours researching things and piecing the information together.

That is why I was so excited that my friend, Dean Somerset, put something together for fitness professionals who have a client recovering from cancer.

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Component #1 – Cancer FAQ – Dean goes through all the common questions you need to know about cancer.

Component #2 – Breast & Other Common Cancers – Increase your understanding of breast and other cancers you may see in your clients.

Component #3 – Treatment Options for Cancer – Discover the different treatment options your cancer client may go through.

Component #4 – Exercise Program Design – This is the step-by-step guide on putting together an exercise program for a cancer client.

Component #5 – Client Exercise Program – This video presentation and guide is for your ca ncer clients.  It takes them through exercise considerations for them.

Dean is offering an introductory discount of 53% off, which ends today.

If you have a client or are think you will have a client that is recovering from cancer, you should check this out.

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Rick Kaselj, MS